Tarotscopes – October 2019

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Five of Swords
OCTOBER OVERVIEW: Five of Swords + Snake

The month of October will bring us some challenging lessons around pleasure and shame, guilt and attraction. We are pulled towards that which attracts us on a gut level, but we may feel that we shouldn’t indulge ourselves because of societal messages about what is appropriate or allowable. As we approach the shortening of days and the dark mystery of Samhain, we are asked to shed those old skins, to release anything that is bringing us guilt or shame. Once we accept our desires and our shadows as vitally important parts of ourselves, we will be able to also release the conflict that they have inevitably created within ourselves, within our relationships, and with whatever concept we may have of the divine or of spirit. We cut ourselves off from our own authenticity when we turn against those parts of ourselves that most need love and recognition. From that place, it is impossible to unfold in the ways we are meant to. Once we can clear away the cobwebs that obscure our true nature, we become prepared to shine forth again. This is an ongoing cycle and one that we can mark with the changing of the seasons. May the earth guide us toward a new cycle of growth and renewal.

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Six of Cups
LIBRA: Six of Cups + Rope

Happy Birthday, my sweet Libra! This month brings you sweetness and strength, connection and boundaries. The Six of Cups invokes our childlike selves and reminds us to approach others with gentleness and compassion. It assists us in being generous towards others and giving of ourselves without expecting anything in return. You may feel this impulse within yourself or you may find that you are the recipient of the care and loving gestures of others. A great birthday treat, indeed! However, as adults we need to be sure that we are participating in this give and take with a healthy dose of boundaries. Even where there are supposedly no strings attached, often there is a subconscious message that we have to spend more time with the person doing the giving, or “pay them back” in some other subtle ways. What is more, because of old established patterns that were set in our childhoods, we often attach the strings ourselves without meaning to, through guilt or a sense of obligation. If you find yourself feeling any inkling of those feelings, let that be a sign to you that it is necessary to set—and communicate—some firm boundaries. Once you have done that, you will be better poised to enjoy all the gifts that will befall you this month!

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Two of Pentacles
SCORPIO: Two of Pentacles Rx + Lungs

Think about the various elements of your life that you are trying to manage at this time. What is taking priority for you? What is on the backburner? Rather than trying to do everything at once, let yourself give your attention where it is most needed. This is a time when balance isn’t necessarily the goal, although it is important not to become *so* focused on one thing that you lose all sight of the people and things that have sustained and supported you in the past. Remember that you will come back to them when the time is right, so just be sure you are not burning any bridges. You may find that it is easier to maintain those backburner priorities than you thought. Even as you go all in on whatever your energy is most drawn to, with very little effort you will find that you can still keep your other connections, projects, and goals alive. It may help to communicate about where you are right now so that high expectations don’t lead to disappointment. This goes for your external commitments and relationships, but it applies in relation to yourself as well. Once you allow for some areas of your life to drift into the background, you’ll free up the energy and focus you need for what is right in front of you.

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 Queen of Swords
SAGITTARIUS: Queen of Swords + Flask

My dear, Sagittarius. October brings for you great powers of decisiveness, intelligence, and wit. Where you have found yourself waffling, you’ll suddenly find clarity. Where you have felt tongue-tied or wishy washy, you will be able to articulate your needs and desires without hesitation. Where you have allowed others’ needs to take precedence over your own, you will find a new source of assertiveness. The question for you is: in what area of your life are you most in need of this particular superpower? Think about what things (or people) bring you the most joy and sustenance and then assess whether those things are actually present in your daily life. If they are not or if you would like more of them, my sense is that you will need to use your decisiveness, your communicative skill, and your assertiveness in order to clear any obstacles standing in the way of your happiness.

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 The Devil
CAPRICORN: The Devil Rx + Slingshot

When the Devil appears in our cards, we are often being asked to look at our attachments. Whether it is an attachment to a person, a thing, or a way of thinking, the Devil signals a kind of obsessive quality that is detrimental and destructive rather than being a source of support or joy. When the card appears reversed (upside down), this usually means that the time may be right to loosen that attachment. Are you ready to unchain yourself, Capricorn? Are you ready to transition to a new sense of freedom? In order to grow, we have to be willing to untether ourselves from what is old and outdated, from what keeps us operating according to rules or patterns that are no longer relevant for what is new and vibrant inside of us. If you are willing to risk a certain amount of vulnerability, of tension, or stress, the process of untangling yourself will allow you to stretch and bend in new and refreshing ways.

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Ten of Swords
AQUARIUS: Ten of Swords + Pinky promise

Dear Aquarius. This karmic journey you’ve been on is finally coming to an end. Whatever it is you’ve needed to prove to yourself (or to others), you’ve proven. You’ve repaid any debts you thought you owed. It’s time to free yourself from the yoke of your own expectations and let yourself relax a little bit. Ask yourself: Where did these expectations come from? Are they of my own making or did I adopt them from someone else (my parents, friends, or partners)? How have they helped me get where I am today? And now what can I do to free myself from them? This transition may feel like a door closing in your life. But rest assured that once this door is closed, many others will open in its place, waiting for you to walk through. A new cycle begins now. It is up to you to make sure you are not hindering its progress or holding on to something that is meant to be left behind.

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The Chariot
PISCES: The Chariot Rx + Matchbook

Where are you trying to get to, Pisces? The Chariot card, when it appears reversed (upside down), can feel a bit like two steps forward, one step back. Maybe your hard work is not paying off in the ways you had hoped. Maybe the very thing you thought would carry you forward is actually throwing up obstacles in your path. If this is the case, I hope you will take note of the messages your cards have brought you this month. The matchbook oracle card is about both warmth and efficiency, comfort and creativity. What this says to me is that maybe a different tactic is needed at this time. Rather than attempting to rush ahead, to make things happen, what if you found ways to further your goals from a place of relative stasis and ease? What if what you were hoping to achieve were possible from the warmth of your comfort zone? We don’t always need to stretch ourselves to our outer limits in order to make magic happen. There are new horizons to be discovered even in familiar places.

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Knight of Pentacles
ARIES: Knight of Pentacles + Flying fish

Aries, you may feel the push and pull of very different energies over the next few weeks. Your cards—the Knight of Pentacles and the Flying fish—bring opposing energies. The Knight of Pentacles is all about putting your head down and getting things done. It’s about meeting expectations and following through on your obligations. This knight’s mission is to tend to the farm, to till the soil, and grow the crops. This can be tedious work, but it is necessary and will bear fruits that can be harvested and enjoyed. The flying fish on the other hand is about expanding out from your usual routine. It suggests finding a way to incorporate some fun and spontaneity into your days, even as you carry on with the same old, same old. Its message is that doing nothing but meeting obligations and tending to necessary tasks will eventually lead to burn out, so be sure that you are injecting your daily life with a dose of the unnecessary. Keep your creativity alive by finding small ways to break from your usual routine.

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Queen of Cups
TAURUS: Queen of Cups Rx + Tangle

Dear Taurus. During the month of October, you may find that you experience your emotions with a depth you haven’t felt for a long time. There are some big changes ahead that may have you feeling all kinds of ways. This can be disorienting for you because your headstrong sign is used to being so steady and straightforward. When you find yourself tossed about by the waves of emotion, your impulse is often to ignore it or to hide. My advice for you, based on your cards this month, is to do your best to fight that impulse and really feel all of the ups and downs that this transition invokes for you. While it may seem that avoiding your feelings will help you to carry on and get things done, my sense is that in fact it is only by unearthing the messy and difficult side of things that you will be able to accomplish what you are setting out to do. Let yourself revel in the joys and grieve the losses as you walk this path you are on. The only way through is through.

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The Empress
GEMINI: The Empress Rx + Map

My dear, sweet Gemini. This month your cards bring messages about feelings of self-worth and self-love. The Empress, when she appears upright, speaks of beauty, fertility, and abundance. She is the earth mother, the embodiment of femininity as it is expressed in the earthly realm. When the card appears reversed (upside down) as it does here, it carries a message to you that you may have some work to do in these areas. When was the last time you felt truly beautiful? Who or what helped you feel that way? And perhaps most importantly, whose standard of beauty are you measuring yourself against? The map card reminds us to forge our own paths and to question the structures and avenues that are laid out before us as though they were the only truth. As much as possible, your cards ask you to create your own understanding of beauty and to live by that. That is true self-love.

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Nine of Rods
CANCER: Nine of Rods + Diving helmet

Your theme for the coming month, Cancer, is self-protection. There are many ways to go about protecting yourself from whatever scares you or seems to bring harm. The Nine of Rods depicts a man who has built a wall of rods, ready to thwart whatever or whoever might come his way. Sure, the wall is effective at keeping out the “bad guys,” but it also has the unfortunate side effect of keeping everyone else out as well. In what ways are you keeping yourself safe at the expense of making authentic connections with others? What are you protecting yourself from? Your task in the coming weeks is to think of some other ways you can be sure that you are protected even as you take risks. Your oracle card depicts a diving helmet—a tool that allows you to go to new scary places while still having the protection you need from the elements that would actually bring you harm. This allows you to explore and discover new perspectives, people, and environments without damaging yourself in the process.

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 Seven of Cups
LEO: Seven of Cups Rx + Whistle

Dearest Leo. You have some big lessons to learn this month after finding yourself a little lost in the clouds lately. Your cards suggest that the mist is finally parting and you will be able to see things more clearly for what they are. With the Seven of Cups, this especially applies when it comes to those things in life that you thought would bring you happiness and success, but have instead left you feeling a little empty or let down. The hazy quality that surrounds your life choices likely has to do with fears around owning your own desires and goals. Once you are able to accept that what you want is valid, you will find that the haze begins to clear. In order to facilitate this process, you are tasked with communicating your dreams and desires to the people in your life who matter most. By giving them voice, you are taking the first step towards their realization.

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Eight of Pentacles
VIRGO: Eight of Pentacles + Cutting board

Lovely Virgo. The Eight of Pentacles appears when we are able to engage in our work with dedication and fastidiousness. What we produce is a source of pride and is the product of both hard work and creative flow. This is not an unfamiliar place for you, Virgo, and often you are happiest when you are working on your stuff on your own, getting shit done and doing it the *right* way, amirite? However, your oracle card this month throws a tiny wrench in the cogs of this daydream. Yes, you are a serious boss babe and you know how to take care of biz, but you are being called now to recognize the ways that a great many other hands and hearts go into what you create. Perhaps it is a physical product that is made up of many parts or ingredients that came to you by way of others, or it may be a more ephemeral aggregate of influences and resources. Either way, give thanks for those contributions that make your life’s work possible.

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Tarotscopes - October 2019

Tarot deck used: Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini

Oracle deck: Empty Cup Oracle by Stasia Burrington

Star Sight Tarot

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