Tarotscopes – September 2017

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

PISCES: Six of Wands

Dear Pisces. Are you ready to rise? September brings with it an opportunity (or several!) for you to show the world all of the beautiful ways you have been transforming lately. You’ve been putting in a lot of work—whether on a project, your home, your psyche, your relationships—and now you will finally get some recognition and reward for the work you’ve done. People will start to see the changes you’ve made and, perhaps more importantly, you will see how far you’ve come and will take great pride in what you’ve been able to accomplish. If you haven’t been feeling motivated to change and grow lately, think about what is holding you back. Have you been feeling mired down in a routine that has lost its spark for you? Are you carrying too much lately? Is stress keeping you from seeing possibilities for positive growth? If you’ve been stuck in a rut, try doing one thing that will snap you out of the same old, same old. Sign up for an art workshop or a group hike—something that will get you out meeting new people and doing something you love or have long thought about trying. Sometimes just putting yourself in a new environment can get you inspired to create and explore new possibilities for yourself and what you’re capable of. If you’re too overloaded, it is essential to figure out where you can cut something out or give some responsibilities over to someone else. Say no as often as you can, and protect some sacred space for yourself to rejuvenate and rest. This is the essential foundation for any kind of new growth.

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ARIES: Eight of Swords Rx

What has been keeping you bound up lately, Aries? What aspect of your life has felt blocked or has left you feeling paralyzed? With the Eight of Swords reversed as your card for the month, you are being called to think about the ways that you have been holding yourself back because of fears or doubts about how to move forward. The card shows a chrysalis hanging over eight sharp swords. The sword suit in the Tarot represents thoughts and intellect. In this case, it represents those times when our thoughts become saboteurs—when negative thinking and fear stands in our way and keeps us from being able to act. What I love about this card is that while those negative thoughts may threaten our ability to move forward, the chrysalis indicates that perhaps these times of uncertainty and stuckness are actually necessary, as it allows us the space to undergo some massive internal transformations. Though it is often incredibly uncomfortable to go through those times of inaction, it could take some of the suffering out of it if we just accepted that it was an integral part of the process. The good news is that the fact that your card is reversed (upside down) this month suggests that you will start to come out of that stuck place very soon if you haven’t already. You’re getting ready to break out of that chrysalis and see all of the ways that you’ve changed.

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TAURUS: Mother of Cups Rx

The name of the game for the next month for you, Taurus, is self care. Say it with me now: Self. Care. Care for the self is perhaps the most important thing we can do in a day, because it is the foundation for everything else we hope to achieve in our lives—in our work, in caring for our loved ones, developing creative projects, and so on. We can’t do any of these things well when we are depleted, sick, and worn down. And yet self-care is often one of the hardest things to make time for. It is always the first to go when we have too many things on our plate. This month, the cards are begging you to make the care of your self your first priority, at least for a little while. The Mother of Cups when upright is all about caring for others and sailing through life buoyed by her inner strength and the depth of emotional connection she feels with the people and things around her. When she is reversed (upside down), it is a signal that she is overwhelmed and has become unable to handle what life is throwing at her. These are the times when slowing down and making time to rest and replenish is vitally important. What things do you know you need in order to not only function but to truly enjoy your life? Exercise, time with friends, music, meditation, time out in nature? Are those needs being met? If not, what needs to happen in order to make those things a regular part of your life? It is no longer acceptable to say, “I will get to those things when my life calms down.” There will never be time for self care unless you make the time. Just drop everything now and go do whatever it is you know you need to do.

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GEMINI: The Fool Rx

Wise men say only fools rush in. I’m not sure that’s entirely true, but The Fool card reversed certainly suggests that you don’t need to rush into anything at the moment. If you’re not sure you want to take a risk right now, that is absolutely okay. There is no need to rush off towards the unknown. There’s no need to go jumping off of a cliff just because you think you’re supposed to keep striving for the next new thing. In fact, you may find you’d rather sit down right where you are and contemplate your current surroundings, at least for a little longer. There is a lot to be said for staying grounded in your reality and really digging in deep with it. There is so much to be discovered and appreciated right where you are. If we are always running ahead to the future, it becomes impossible to ever truly experience our world as it is. This is the key to enlightenment according to some traditions, but regardless of your beliefs, establishing a practice of observation and gratitude will go a long way in restoring your much deserved serenity and your faith in humanity. In the end, this moment now is all we have. So take a seat and observe the thing closest to you: a flower, a book, a child. Dive in to what is here in front of you in this moment. The promises of the future are nothing more than a distraction.

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CANCER: Judgement

Big things are on the horizon for you, dear Cancer. When the Judgement card appears, it signals that you are on the threshold of some serious epiphanies and a major spiritual awakening! Whenever this card shows up in a reading, it’s important to look at the events occurring in your life and to ask yourself how they fit into your larger soul journey. What big life lessons are embedded in whatever is going on for you right now, even if on the surface they may seem like simply day-to-day concerns? What patterns are shifting for you? This card takes its name from Judgement Day, which is when the good will be separated from the bad for some religious traditions. Whatever your religious beliefs may be, this is a powerful metaphor for those times when we are able to see our lives with clarity—when we can finally let go of what we know is not good for us and welcome instead what we know will nourish our hearts and souls. Usually we already know this on some level, but there are particular moments in our lives when we are able to truly accept and acknowledge it so that we can make real changes and shed whatever it is that holds us back. Often with this card, there is not even much need to make things happen ourselves. The work has already been done on the subconscious level. Now you need only be receptive to letting the epiphany dawn upon you.

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LEO: Ten of Pentacles Rx

This month will bring a time of reflection for you, Leo. In the first week of September, as Mercury prepares to station direct once more, make sure you have taken some time to reassess your current commitments and priorities. When Mercury is in retrograde, things can go a little haywire, yes, but it is also an ideal time to take stock of where things stand for you and to be sure that what you are working towards is really something you want. This is one of the messages of the Ten of Pentacles card when it is reversed (or upside down) as well. Right side up this card is all about the long-term, the established and secure life, and the gratification that comes with that. On the flip side, when the card is upside down, we are asked to make sure that the life we are building towards is in alignment with our deeper values and goals. Even if it is in alignment with your values and goals, maybe there is some other reason to question whether it is actually the right path for you. It may be that some of your goals are based more on what you think you should have or should want because it’s what everyone around you seems to have or want, but deep down you have an inkling that life has a different plan for you. This month will be an excellent time for exploring your options and letting yourself get a little freer with the possibilities for the future. Nothing is set in stone and you have so much more freedom than you know.

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VIRGO: Six of Cups

Happy Birthday, Virgo! This month brings you the gift of a newfound self-knowledge. The Six of Cups card shows a tree whose roots are an intricate vibrant mass of color, causing them to stand out far more than the tree itself. What does this mean for you, Virgo? It means that over the coming month you will have a rare opportunity to see the way that all the threads of your past have led you to your current situation. This may lead you to experience some nostalgia for the past as old memories surface, or it may bring up old hurts that you had thought were buried. The beauty of the Six of Cups though is that it lets you retell the story of your life in a new way, shedding the layers of dirt and sediment that were keeping parts of your story obscured. We have much more power than we realize in how we shape and understand our histories, and by extension, our identities. Free yourself from a tired old story that is not helping you to shine. Uncover the brilliant colorful roots that have been laying there forgotten. Some ideas for doing this: write a memoir, or short story, or poem that tells a new part of your story. Or better yet, that tells the story you always tell, but from a radically different perspective.

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LIBRA: Four of Cups Rx

September will be all about exploration for you, Libra. Your card this month, the Four of Cups, shows four cups covered by a rat under the light of the moon. When it is upright, this card cautions against taking any old opportunity that is offered to you without some serious consideration, advising more caution and less impulsivity. When the card is reversed (upside down) as it is for you, it turns that rat on his head, allowing you full access to whatever it is those cups contain. This card is telling you that there are times when it is better to just throw yourself in and feel into things, rather than waiting for a course of action to announce itself as being clearly good or bad. There is no way to know in advance, so your best bet is to take a sip from each of those cups and see which ones you like and which you don’t. Discernment isn’t always easy—especially for you Libras who love to weigh each option ad nauseum. But the delightful part of this particular energy is that the outcomes don’t actually matter that much. There is not a lot riding on it either way, so just jump in and see what happens. Your task if you choose to accept it is to focus on enjoyment rather than discernment. You may find that the answers actually come more quickly to you that way!

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SCORPIO: Three of Wands Rx

Your card this month, Scorpio, is the Three of Wands reversed (upside down). In the Wild Unknown Tarot pictured here, it shows three sticks tied together with twine, which appear to create a window or portal to a magical color-filled world. In its upright position, this is often interpreted as having to do with planning for the future—taking the steps now to create a window onto what is coming next. However, when the card is reversed, as it is for you this month, it advises instead not worrying so much about all of the repercussions and consequences of your present actions. It’s true, we don’t want to lose sight of the future entirely, but the truth is that often keeping our eyes focused there in that world beyond our current reality keeps us from appreciating and enjoying where we are now. Yes, that world looks colorful and exciting, but can you really discern anything distinct there? We have no way of planning for what is to come because on some level it is always a mystery. It is especially important for you, fellow Scorpios, to loosen your grip on trying to foresee (and thereby control) what is unknown. By clinging to the illusion of control, you strip your present reality of life and color. Let your present be filled again with the vibrant colors of creation. Your simple attention to and appreciation of the here and now is all it would take.

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Get ready for some shaking up, Sagittarius! Things are about to get really real, but don’t let that scare you. People are often afraid of the Tower card, because it is said to represent radical change that comes from the outside and rattles our calm existence without our wanting it to. This is not the whole picture, though. The change that the Tower card brings is part of our life’s journey—it is the necessary upheaval that roots out whatever old patterns we’ve gotten ourselves stuck in over the years. These are changes that have been a long time coming, and while they may feel challenging as they are rolling through your life, you’ll ultimately realize that they needed to happen in order for you to be set free from the cords that were tying you to your old way of being. On a more mundane level, the Tower also represents the house and home, so you might also look into whether this would be a good time to make changes to your living situation. Any move is unsettling on some level, so it can be tempting to stay where we are as long as we are relatively comfortable. The Tower card reminds us that it is often worth it to go through the pain of a little temporary chaos in order to reconstruct a home that is more consonant with who we have become. As we grow and change, our lives and our dwellings must change as well, or one day we will find that we’ve vastly outgrown them. What needs shaking up in your life? Where have things become stagnant and stale? What needs to be rebuilt or thrown away or remodeled? Over the coming month, look for ways to reshape yourself and your surroundings as we shift into the cooler months of the Fall.

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CAPRICORN: The Hanged Man

You are on the brink of a new spiritual awareness, Capricorn. The Hanged Man is one of the most spiritual cards in the Tarot, often depicting a man hanging upside down with a beatific smile on his face and a hint of a halo over his head. He is the martyr of the Major Arcana, and he knows and sees much more than he lets on. What does this mean for you over the next month? The Hanged Man does not advise that you be a martyr necessarily, but he does ask you to approach your life in the coming weeks with a huge dose of patience and a little bit of wise distance. This is not the time to rush into things without looking where you’re going. There is more information that is yet to arrive which will likely change the way you will want to deal with your current situation. Don’t force it, let it come to you. This is easier said than done of course, but if you can loosen your grip and just let things happen in their own timing, you’ll find that things are actually a lot less stressful and urgent than they previously seemed. The key word for you this month is: surrender. Let this be your mantra and call on it whenever you find yourself getting impatient or wanting to understand everything NOW. The Hanged Man waits and watches. You will know when the time is right to act, but until then try to relax a little and, if you can, smile. What may feel like a sacrifice to you now, you will one day recognize as the necessary foundation for your serenity.

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AQUARIUS: Strength Rx

Aquarius! You’ve been on a deep soul journey these last few months, working your way through the archetypes of the Major Arcana. This month your card is Strength reversed, which deals with the inner struggle we all experience between our instinctive animal nature and our gentle human side. In its upright position, this card shows a perfect balance between the two—a strength that comes from tempering our animal outrage with the civilizing effect of the so-called rational human mind. When this card is reversed, however, it advises instead letting go of the need to keep your internal beast under wraps. Maybe you have very good reason to be outraged these days and maybe you don’t want to make your rage palatable to polite society. What does your inner beast long to express if there were no rules or societal obligations keeping it in its place? What desires are you harboring that need to be unleashed? What longings or sufferings are rattling their cages, insisting that they be shown the light of day? Don’t repress those beastly parts of you any longer, Aquarius. Doing so will only turn their anger inward, causing you further damage. Of course, ideally you won’t let them wreak havoc on others’ lives either. Give them a safe place to flail about—write a rage journal and then rip up the pages, scream-cry at the top of your lungs in the woods, destroy something that brings up difficult memories, yell into a megaphone at a rally. Let your inner beasts have their say and I promise you’ll begin to feel a peace you didn’t even realize was possible for you.

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Star Sight Tarot - The Wild Unknown

Deck used: The Wild Unknown

Star Sight Tarot

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