Tarotscopes – September 2018

Soul-Smart Monthly Tarotscopes by Star Sight Tarot

BY Star Sight Tarot

Seven of Rods
SEPTEMBER OVERVIEW: Seven of Rods Rx + Eternity

As a number of planets are stationing direct, we are beginning to feel a shift in the difficult energy we’ve been sitting with these past few months. The challenges and obstacles of eclipse and retrograde season are starting to make way for a smoother period of breakthroughs, insights, and tending to our wounds. What changes have come your way in the last few months? What wrenches were thrown in your plans? Where has communication been difficult or even blocked altogether? The Seven of Rods reversed speaks to letting down our guard, lowering defenses, and breaking through barriers. The image is of taking down the walls that have been blocking you brick by brick. This work isn’t always easy and we won’t necessarily feel that life is suddenly a piece of cake, but we should start feeling that the worst is over and that it’s now actually possible to do the work of reparation and reconnecting. Our oracle card for the month, Eternity, tells us that this energy is supported by taking a different perspective on our lives, ourselves, our problems, our dreams. Taking the long view allows us to be okay with putting in the time to heal, to nurture any broken relationships, and to plan for the life we want. Working on accessing your higher consciousness can also help with this approach. Remember that you are part of a vast universe and on a cosmological timeline, great changes occur at a much slower pace. You don’t need to rush. You have all the time in the world.

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Five of Elixirs
VIRGO: Five of Elixirs + Transformation

Happy birthday, sweet Virgo! Get ready for a shift in outlook. It may be subtle at first, so much so that you may not even notice a change until you are well on the other side of it. Your cards for the month of September suggest that something that once brought you pain or sorrow is currently undergoing a process of transformation. As with the process of alchemy, what was once base and heavy can now be transmuted into something shiny and valuable. What was cause for pain and confusion becomes central to your understanding of yourself and your life’s purpose. Something is always lost in this process, yes, but what is gained is far more important to the journey ahead. Where is it that you are hoping to go in the coming year? What are you hoping to achieve for yourself, for your relationships, your quest to bring meaning to your life? Your cards suggest that if you can see your struggles—especially those of an emotional nature— as seeds for transformation, you will have no trouble arriving at your chosen destination.

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Two of Coins
LIBRA: Two of Coins + Support

What are the various parts that make up your identity, Libra? This is the question that will be guiding you over the next few weeks. Your cards ask you to think about who you are—emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually—and to consider when each of those aspects are in alignment. Or not, as the case may be. Do you find that certain decisions become difficult for you because your physical body needs something different from your intellectual goals or your emotional desires? When you feel pulled in different directions, what do you do to sort out the best course of action? If this has been a source of confusion or struggle for you in the past, the next month gives you an opportunity to work with finding some strategies for bringing your various selves into alignment. One possible key is the message found in your oracle card, Support, which tells you to look for the options that bring you the most stability and grounding. If your heart wants something, but you have a sense it will throw you off kilter and bring confusion into your life, meditate on the image in this card—a supportive backbone that will offer you both stability and opportunities to flourish and grow. That is the gold standard now that all people, events, and possible paths should be judged against. You deserve to have both support and juicy excitement, so don’t feel that you have to settle for one or the other.

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Four of Blades
SCORPIO: Four of Blades Rx + God

Dear Scorpio: In what ways have you been on hiatus lately? What parts of yourself have you been keeping hidden? It is perhaps for good reason that you have been taking a time out in certain areas of your life, as we all need a deep rest from time to time. But this month you are being asked to come out of hiding and to rejoin the fray. The world needs your voice, your intellect, and your talents, so consider the aspects of your personality, the skills or passions, that you haven’t been engaging lately and let them come back into the spotlight. There is something deeply spiritual in this process for you right now. Some piece of your core that has been waiting for activation is the key to this next level of spiritual growth that you are poised to ascend. Don’t hold yourself back from this transformative energy because you are too tired or fearful of giving it your all. This is the time to reveal yourself and your gifts to anyone ready to receive them. In return you will find yourself simultaneously more energized and more centered than you have felt in quite some time.

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Page of Elixirs
SAGITTARIUS: Page of Elixirs Rx + Anger

My dear Sagittarius. There is a fountain of creativity welling up inside of you. It is always there, you only need to figure out how to tap into it. The trick is that the same things that once worked to get you into your creative zone don’t necessarily work anymore. What will help you access your inner voice? What is it that needs expressing within you now? It may be that there is something “ugly” that requires your attention at this time, an emotional reality that perhaps you’d rather not face. It could be anger, it could be disillusionment, a sense of frustration with the state of the world, or a feeling of hatred towards yourself. Whatever it is that feels particularly shameful or unworthy is actually precisely where the juicy stuff is right now. Dig in to uncover the shadowy side of your unconscious, the parts that you were hoping you could avoid and that no one else would ever see. Ironically these are the parts that serve as fuel for your most beautiful and meaningful creations. Don’t rob the world of them because you are afraid of unleashing the inner beast. It may be uncomfortable for a moment, but letting it out will actually allow it to finally leave you in peace. And I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you receive from those around you.

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The Star
CAPRICORN: The Star Rx + Listen

Okay, Capricorn. Your quest for meaning continues. You are in a deep phase of your soul’s journey—a time when the answers to all of your most troubling questions lie frustratingly within, not without. It is so tempting to search for something outside of ourselves that will help us to make sense of this bizarre and sometimes heartbreaking existence, but in the end the only answers that can truly satisfy are those that reside deep at the bottom of the well of your heart. What moves you to tears, Capricorn? What do you believe in above all else? What remains a constant source of light for you when all other lights have gone out? The Star card is about faith and when it shows up reversed (upside down) it asks you to find faith not in gods and goddesses or even in mother nature or your spirit guides. It asks you to find an unshakable and abiding faith at the core of your own true self. If you are having trouble accessing that inner place of knowing and unchangeable security, the suggestion from your cards is to simply listen. Sit in quiet calm and wait as long as it takes until you hear the voice within you that speaks your heart’s truth.

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Six of Blades
AQUARIUS: Six of Blades Rx + Life

Dear Aquarius: You have been on a journey of epic proportions over this past year. What you have learned has only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible, of what there is to know—about yourself, about the universe, about the spiritual dimension. The quest to understand has brought you farther and farther out of yourself and out of your comfort zone and you have been tasked with some harrowing challenges as well as deep insights. This journey has taken you to new places and brought you into contact with people you might never have imagined would be important to your story. Your cards this month suggest a different kind of movement. Rather than exploring far and wide, you are asked now to come back to yourself, to come home to what is familiar and comfortable, but with the new knowledge you have gained. This is a chance for you to finally begin to assimilate all that you have gathered over the past year, sorting through to separate the useful from what will no longer be helpful to you. Noticing what brought you to this new place within yourself, as well as what has remained the same. How have you changed on the deepest level of your being? What new growth will come out of all that you have learned? What will you do with the new sense of self that has been burgeoning within you? There is a great potential rising in you now. The seeds that have been planted and have silently grown in the dark are now finally making their way to the light of day.

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The High Priestess
PISCES: The High Priestess Rx + Pain

Dearest Pisces, I now hereby give you license to release the pain you have carried with you since before you can remember. Whatever remaining sorrow that still plagues you, leftover from a situation long past, is no longer yours to bear. Whether it is a thorn in your side or a dagger, let it fall from you now and you will find that the place where it once was is already healed. What you have been carrying this whole time was actually a memory—a thought—not a physical wound. It can do you no more harm. Of course there is beauty in those memories, even the painful ones, because they are part of the story of who we are. They may even appear to be the key to our identity and it may seem that without them we would no longer know who we were or what we were fighting for. But the High Priestess card tells you that by releasing yourself from this burden, you will actually come to know yourself in an even deeper and more authentic way than you ever have before. There is a new frontier of self-discovery waiting for you. To initiate the journey, you need only pull the sword from your heart and be ready to write a new story of who you are.

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Ten of Blades
ARIES: Ten of Blades Rx + Divinity

Aries, your cards this month suggest that things may be feeling vastly different in your life lately, but not because you’ve left your old life behind. In fact, a situation you thought was long dead may be coming back around in the coming weeks to continue teaching you its lesson. Don’t worry if your energy feels a little off as this process plays out, because there is important medicine in this situation for you. Your oracle card, Divinity, points to a glaring truth that has been eluding you for quite some time (perhaps your whole life?). Now you are finally poised to take in the messages that the universe has been planting on your path. Once you see them, you will no longer be able to unsee them. Synchronicities will start to multiply, like when someone teaches you a new word and then you see it everywhere or you discover a new band and find that everywhere you go their music is playing. Except in this case, the repeating coincidences may be more about pointing the way to something like a higher power, or an inner light. What does divinity look like to you? What does it mean to be divine? What is your personal spiritual path and are you walking it now? Let the pieces of your past and the clues of your present bring you to a new understanding of where you’re meant to be heading. Reflect on the truth that what is within is mirrored in what is without. If you cultivate divinity within yourself, you will see it everywhere you go.

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TAURUS: Judgement Rx + Opposition

Taurus, you are on the precipice of an important revelation. The Judgement card, when it is upright, brings with it an awakening that causes everything around you to be cast in a new light. This can have major repercussions for how we understand our role in the world, our life’s work, our purpose as unique individuals. When Judgement is reversed (upside down), however, something is keeping you from having access to that important revelation. Before its blurry contours can come into focus, there is something that needs working out. Your oracle card, Opposition, tells you that some deep part of you is in conflict with itself, as though you are being pulled in two directions at once. One hand reaches in one direction and the other reaches the opposite way, creating an effective standstill. Until you can get both hands to work together, you won’t be able to create the conditions that are necessary for the epiphany that is seeking you to make itself known. Once you bring the various parts of yourself into alignment, it will be as though a dam has broken, freeing you to move into the life you have been wanting. Your task is to seek out any sources of inner conflict and do whatever you can to bring them into agreement. This may involve a certain amount of unconscious exploration, as often the tensions that keep us bound and immobilized are based in some old, vestigial conflict that no longer serves a purpose.

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King of Blades
GEMINI: King of Blades Rx + Knowledge

What an interesting set of cards for you this month, Gemini! The King of Blades (swords in more traditional tarot decks) is usually a card of intellectual mastery when it is upright. This king is able to keep calm and collected and is a master of logical thought and effective communication. When reversed (upside down), however, there is an indication that the problems you are trying to solve cannot be addressed using logic or reason. The blade piercing the king’s skull instead tells you that trying to intellectualize your way through things may actually be detrimental to you now. So how are you meant to proceed then? Your oracle card asks you to consider a different source of knowledge, one that isn’t found in books (or the internet), that isn’t even accessed through engaged conversation (your favorite!). As an air sign that thrives in the realm of the mind, this may be a challenge for you, but your cards ask you to turn off that overactive brain of yours and to navigate instead by experience, by exploration of physical spaces, through travel, through the sense of touch, through an earthier, worldlier orientation. Your body itself can be a great source of information and its sensory receptors can put you in touch with a kind of knowledge that is far more primal and ultimately more rooted than anything your brain can come up with. Let your body be your guide and the answers you are seeking will come to you.

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CANCER: Temperance + Beauty

Cancer, my darling, you have such beautiful cards for the month of September! Temperance, one of the Major Arcana, is one of the most soothing cards in the tarot. It often depicts an angel pouring water from one cup to another, a sign of balance and equanimity. Here, the focus is more literal as it harkens back to the time of the temperance movement in the United States. It asks you to think about ways that you might “temper” some of your more self-destructive impulses—not in order to quit them altogether, but to bring them into balance with healthier attitudes and behaviors. If you think in terms of moderation rather than abstinence, you can actually allow yourself to enjoy the things you crave without guilt or worry. You are at your healthiest when you are not feeling deprived or overly stressed about what it is you ingest, whether physically, spiritually, or mentally. At the same time, notice where you feel that you’re going overboard—whether it’s sweets, obsessively thinking about a particular person, gorging on the daily news, or quite literally just alcohol. One way to guide your sense of what is too much and what is too little is your oracle card, Beauty. If you seek to create beauty in your life, in all of your daily actions, I think you’ll find a natural tendency towards a temperate, balanced existence.

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The Hanged Man
LEO: The Hanged Man Rx + Nexus

Okay, my dear Leo! You have waited long enough. After all of the work you have been doing behind the scenes—getting things ready, preparing yourself mentally and emotionally —it is finally time to step back out into the light of day. This isn’t about reclaiming your customary position in the spotlight though. The focus is no longer solely on you. And while that may not sound as exciting as taking center stage and having all eyes on you, this new way of seeing and being seen is actually exactly what you have been working towards. Your oracle card, Nexus, points to a more collaborative approach to life, whether in the realm of work, creativity, spiritual development, or any other endeavor you devote yourself to. As you have come to learn, none of it is truly possible without connection, without relationship and community. You have an important role to play now in connecting others and disseminating important information. Like a bee that pollinates a flower, you are one of many, a realization that can feel deflating if we are too focused on our egos. But the reality of what you can create as part of a larger whole is so much more intricate and far-reaching than anything you could do on your own. By forgetting your own desire to be the center of attention, you will allow yourself to come into a new form of creative power that will lead you to ever closer to your life’s purpose. And that is where the true beauty lies.

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Tarotscopes - September 2018

Tarot deck used: Antique Anatomy Tarot – Ephemera Edition by Black and the Moon

Oracle deck: The Oracle of Oddities by Black and the Moon

Star Sight Tarot

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