Tarotscopes – September 2019

Dirty and Divine Tarotscopes with Tarot Maven Alice Grist

BY Alice Grist

i, I’m author and Tarot maven Alice Grist, and I’m taking over this spot for a couple of months while Kate from Star Sight Tarot takes maternity leave (congrats, Kate!), and I’ll be bringing my unique twist to it. Some of you may know my book, Dirty and Divine, which is a journey through the tarot, reminding you that the best place for a deck of cards is in your own hands.

That said, a little guidance and wisdom can be precisely the tonic needed to set off in the right direction on your path. Using the deck I created with my daughter ‘The Cosmic Mother Tarot’ my Tarotscopes will explore the ‘Dirty’ and the ‘Divine’ for each sign.

The dirty speaks to your humanity, the mundane, and the grit of your everyday life. Whereas the Divine gifts you higher wisdom, spiritual connection, and guidance from your spiritual self and whichever celestial body or deity you choose to believe in.

I hope you enjoy!

September Overview: Ten of Pentacles

September looks to be a month that asks you to start to go in on yourself. The ten of pentacles speaks of familial and ancestral themes, in particular, as this relates to generational issues that you can solve. As the seasons start to turn, so you find yourself thinking on the changes that have occurred in your family line, how relatives have made you who you are, and how you intend to take up that power, or heal any pain.

We all dream of success and material comfort, and yet these things mean nothing when we are aching and flaccid as a result of pain and limitations put on us by those who came before. Now is the time to start to explore the myths and legends of your family, and to put them to bed, so that you may start your own story, taking forward only the good, and becoming more than people in the past may have imagined for themselves.


Dirty – Three of Pentacles
Divine – The Star

Three of Pentacles
The Star

Both of these cards speak to your need to feel appreciated, wanted ,and acclaimed. And yet, the way you are attempting to do this is very different from the way such acclaim is best served. The three of pentacles shows you on a stage, desiring more, wanting the metaphorical applause. You want to be loved for the performance of self that you put to the crowd around you. But the divine message, the spiritual message, comes with the star, and it tells you a little home truth. It reminds you that whilst you may be loved for the façade, and the act that you are so good at performing, it means nothing compared to the love you will receive for being your honest to goodness, most vulnerable self. This month you may be challenged to step away form the ‘idea’ of yourself that you have toyed with. And instead, start to really express your truth—which will feel new and scary, and yet that is where the greatest rewards come from. Trust that you are perfect in all your issues, flaws, quirks and imperfections.


Dirty – High Priestess
Divine – Queen of Swords

High Priestess
Queen of Swords

These are some fierce cards that have one striking message. It is all very well and good trying to be super spiritual, to rise above nonsense, and to ask the universe to deal with shit for you. It is, however, always on you to act that out in real life. The High priestess in you is rising, which is powerful as she see’s the world very differently from how you used to, and from how other people do. You want to harness and use all her power, and yet, your divine card is reminding you that power comes from actions. And that the things that no longer fit or suit cannot always be magicked away; they must be dealt with in very real life. So those things that no longer suit you, that cause you harm, that don’t work for you—you have to do something about it now. It’s no good wishing on a star or trying to vision things better. It’s up to you to stick one foot in front of the other and do what is right for you. Your high priestess can guide you, but the human part of you is left with the dirty work. Though if these cards tell us anything, it is that you are more than capable, perhaps a bit too capable. So move now whilst the mood strikes you. Change is coming and right now it’s in your power to enact it—take the sword and do the work


Dirty – Queen of Cups
Divine – Two of Wands

Queen of Cups
Two of Wands

Emotion is in the air, and this leads to a wish for change. Yet you may not be quite ready, deep down, to commit to the change you say you want. This leads to a static kind of month—one where you feel more than you do, and wish more than you act. Don’t beat yourself up about this. Sometimes a pause is much needed. We can’t always jump at every hope or desire. Sometimes we need a little time and space to feel our way around the options. So take this month to feel it all, and from this space, to start to guide yourself towards the truth of what you want. Not some half measure, but the fierce, self-loving truth. Know that in time, you can make this yours. But now is the time of planning, meditating, hoping and setting those goals straight in your heart and mind. Watch out this month for being carried away with the depths of emotion. And when that does happen, pull yourself back to what can be done, the small steps that add up to big adventures.


Dirty – Seven of Swords
Divine – The Fool

Seven of Swords
The Fool

Life is probably a whole lot overwhelming this month. You are fending off what feels like attacks (although some of these may be opportunities). You are being forced to hold your ground, and whilst you will do this, it may feel relentless and at times impossible. The divine guidance being gifted to you asks you to shift your perspective. What are you currently avoiding? Because there is every chance you are being guided to something, and to avoid thinking about it. You are allowing yourself to be “too busy” so you don’t have to think about it. The thing you are avoiding, however, is something beautiful and powerful (and spiritually gifted). And as with all things of this nature, it can feel too ambitions, too risky, too much. But what would you rather? To stay forever busy like a hamster on a wheel, distracted and overactive? Or would you rather stop for a moment, and take a big jump towards your dream, making a leap for a new life, trusting that even failure is better than being the robotic hamster? Remember, this life only happens once, and it’s in your power to do whatever you desire, to take a risk and aim high. Your desires have purpose and spiritual backing, the rest is up to you.


Dirty – The Tower
Divine – Three of Wands

The Tower
Three of Wands

There is a pull towards chaos and drama for you right now. There is certainly enough going on that it would be so easy to get pulled into all the crazy. But is it yours? Or is it someone else’s? And did you realise that you can choose not to engage with it? Things need not be as terrible as they seem. You can totally opt out and start carving a different perspective, one that takes you away from this old and worn disaster approach. For your divine card shows you making calm, focused choices based upon the hopes of your soul. You are not where you want to be, and yet, you need not see this as a failure or a disaster. Rather you are at a launching point. You can change everything or anything in your life, should you choose to. The first stop on this journey is finding enough self-love to see how far you have come and to refuse the dramatic chaotic thinking train. From here you will see possibility and opportunity clearly and you will start to see that the dreams you have in mind are not so far from your grasp, and that a single change in inner understanding draws them all the closer.


Dirty – Four of Cups
Divine – The World

Four of Cups
The World

Right Virgo, serious little birthday talk here. You have sunken into a little bit of self-sorry. And yes you had reason, but your focus is so narrow that you are not being grateful or seeing the possibility and opportunity around you. And the opportunity is grand! Perhaps it is intimidating, and overwhelming and so you are choosing to focus obsessively on the small silly details of life, the past and hurts you felt back in time. Which is fine, but it’s not getting you anywhere is it? The divine message here is for you to open your eyes wider and to see that the world is literally your oyster. There is so much for you, but you choose to focus on the grit, the fine detail. Think bigger, be bigger, take up some space and expect better. This life has some serious magic for you if you make the choice to pull yourself out of the muck and be open to all that is new and different and mind-blowing. Stop playing small and grieving little slights, you are bigger and better and deserving of all.


Dirty – Four of Pentacles
Divine – King of Wands

Four of Pentacles
King of Wands

You are tearing between your fear, which is based in lack. And your hope, which is borne in creativity. These two are at loggerheads and there is no middle ground, for they exist too differently. Your fear, is, however, very much holding you back. Whereas your creativity is being ploughed into things that don’t threaten your status quo. The crazy thing is that you are keeping yourself “safe” but that safety has become a very comfortable jail. It may be a jail that you defend, and that you speak highly of, and that you express gratitude for. And yet, there is more, and you know it. You only wish you could get brave enough to take the risk. What, though, if it wasn’t a risk, but rather, your life purpose? This jail you’ve put yourself in is not the point of this life. Your desire and hopes and intrigues are. And the moment you step forth on that path, you will be richly rewarded, with your jail cell swapped for a throne. It’s always your option. Seize it sooner than later though, for this month is asking you to up your game. Dare and do.


Dirty – Knight of Pentacles
Divine – Lovers

Sorceress of Pentacles

You are working damned hard at what you do, and this may be having detrimental affects on your love life (or lack thereof). It seems that you are a bit all-or-nothing at the moment, and so one area of life prospers while other areas suffer. It’s okay to swerve your attention every so often in a different direction. Indeed, it’s advised. You can’t be all work and no play. Nor can you be all play and no work. This month is a great time to find the balance you so dearly need. When the work is done, log off, shut off, and get to playing and being with people you adore. There is more to be gained this month in your relationships than there is sat at a desk or toiling for someone else (or even yourself, small biz owners). So reinvent you attention and bring yourself back to people and the potential they harbour!


Dirty – Princess of Pentacles
Divine – The Chariot

Princess of Pentacles

You’ve been given a metaphorical gift, and you don’t know what to make of it. You have power and you aren’t sure how to use it. Remember this, you are no longer the little lost child. You have overcome. The divine card here is asking you to step into that triumph and take the rewards. Life hasn’t always been easy, but this month, instead of looking at success or opportunity like something that might bite, you are being called upon to stand right in the canter of it, and to see how you created it. This was what you wanted and the energy you used to create this moment is still with you, asking for the next step, the next direction, the next path to follow. So set your eyes to a goal and march on. Be in this moment, and cast your eyes back only to see how far you’ve progressed and the crazy obstacles you have hurdled. Feel the peace in that and plough onwards.


Dirty – Temperance
Divine – King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

You are being far too modest about your skills and how very far you have come. And yes there is always further to go, but by gosh, you’ve done well. Yet you are hiding behind your bushel, all modest and humble. When in fact you could and should be taking the throne. You can manifest very much in your life, but manifestation is not a happy bedfellow of humble. To create what you need and deserve, you have to be able to sing your own praises, and to put the work in. The “work” is probably not a problem for you. But the confidence and self love and empowerment may be a bit trickier. It won’t come with time. You either grab it in the here-and-now or you don’t. And one way to grab it is to focus on your abilities, skills and the things you have overcome. So do that, and then slide over onto that throne. Life doesn’t happen later, it happens now. Claim your seat!


Dirty – Three of Cups
Divine – Queen of Wands

Three of Cups
Queen of Wands

Congratulations Aquarius! Of all the signs this month you appear to be best in alignment, and destined to make the most of September! No lectures on self-belief or personal power for you (unlike most of those other celestial signs I’ve read for). You are living it. And if you aren’t, you have so much potential this month to really find those things within yourself. Firstly, the three of cups shows you fraternising and enjoying life with like-minded friends. That is good, do that, do it lots. Your divine message though is to ascend beyond that, to stand in your own authority, and to trust your creative, compassionate and spirited self to speak and act on your own accord—without needing back up or advice form anyone. It looks like this could be a powerful month for you where you really present yourself in your truth, and push forward projects and plans form your heart and intuition.


Dirty – The Hermit
Divine – Sorcerer of Swords

The Hermit
Sorcerer of Swords

The Hermit speaks to your current tendency to run off and be alone. Yes there is great wisdom and power to be found in alone time, but it can also become a crutch, a space where nothing happens other than thoughts about thinking. And before you know it, you’ve wandered off into dangerous monkey mind territory. Right now, the Hermit is being called to come out of her cave. Not just for a quiet coffee, but raging and bold and full of her truth. You can’t always think the world to rights. You must act, and that means showing how you really feel. Which may not always be pretty or even spiritual. But the truth must be borne and carried by you like a flag. The hermit has advised you over time, and you know your own mind better than you did in the past. This month sees you bravely sharing that with others in ways that augment change and personal strength. Go you!

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Alice B Grist

Alice B Grist

Alice B Grist is the author of Dirty & Divine: a transformative journey through tarot (Womancraft Publishing). Available online and in any good retailer. Order Alice’s Cosmic Mother set of cards, designed and painted by Alice at AliceGrist.co.uk.

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