Hey, you!

Can we just say that you make fantastic decisions! We are SO stoked you have chosen to join our soul-expansive, mystical af community.

Here are your next steps to getting started in The Cosmic Collective:

  1. Join our exclusive private Facebook group and meet your people! Introduce yourself, share where you are on your spiritual journey, and get to know the cosmic queens and kings you will be growing alongside!
  2. Create a free account with Zoom if you don’t have one already. All of our live events are held on Zoom, which is an amazing platform to connect from anywhere in the world! Remember that if you can’t make a live event, it’s no sweat: a recording will be put up in the membership portal within 24 hours for you to watch at your leisure.
  3. Log into the membership portal to access everything: this month’s schedule of events, content, discounts, and giveaways, as well as all prior archives!

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Welcome to The Cosmic Collective, soul fam!

Love, light, and blackholes,
Arizona + Morgan

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