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Afterlife 101 With Psychic-To-The-Celebrities Thomas John

BY Hannah Chenoweth


ailed byThe Hollywood Reporter as “the Hollywood psychic with the highest batting average,” Thomas John is a bi-coastal, highly renowned medium and clairvoyant. John spoke with Spirit Guides about growing up psychic, his new book, Never Argue with a Dead Person, and his view of the afterlife.

Thomas John

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How did you first know you had a clairvoyant gift? What was that like as a child?

It’s something I’ve always been aware of, even as a young boy. In all my childhood memories, I could see the spirit world. But as I got older, I realized this ability wasn’t as accessible to everyone else. By other people’s reactions, I realized that everyone is also not as accepting or open to it. It was when I got older, in high school and college, that I realized it was called being psychic and that there were others like me.

Explain the process of communicating with the other side—what is it like for you? 

It’s a combination of seeing, hearing, and feeling. A knowingness comes over me, and it’s different for every reading, client, and spirit. It all depends on the message that needs to come through, and how the spirit needs to do that. Spirits can come forward to communicate in different forms, sometimes not physically but just in thought form; again, it’s dependent on the circumstances.

What’s the protocol for seeing something “unpleasant” or encountering dark energies in a reading?

I keep myself in a very high vibration during readings, so dark energies don’t typically come through or interfere. As far as negativity, it’s rare there’s not something positive for me to say. The spirit world mostly wants to empower, and so that’s what comes through.

How did you make the foray into regular readings to a stream of Hollywood clientele? 

My celebrity clients actually just happened by proxy, since I’m based in New York and LA.

Thomas John

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Can you explain the meaning behind your first book, Never Argue with a Dead Person?

This book is a collection of readings, and I wanted to share things that had universal messages to help people. I wanted everyone to be able to relate. The basic gist of the title is that people who have passed on have insights into so many things, and rather than ignoring it or discounting it, the book is about encouraging people to be open to receiving those messages. Spirits have a way of coming through and knowing the exact message that needs to be heard at that time.
What is the most surprising thing someone could learn about your life as a clairvoyant? 

Probably a lot of people assume that mediums are unfazed or unafraid of death, which I’d say is definitely untrue.

What is the best and worst thing about your gift?

The best thing is helping people, in life and with big decisions. That’s a great feeling. However, the worst is that I tend to see the underbelly of some friendships and relationships. It’s challenging when I can sense things about them because sometimes it’s better not to know.

What’s it like for you to use your gifts in criminal investigations?

I’ve worked with the police in cases of missing people numerous times. It’s something I don’t necessarily initiate but if someone comes to me for help I will absolutely do what I can. I work with an organization with a bunch of psychics where we’ll work on cases and then come together to share what we found. We haven’t always been right, but many times our insights have been critical to solving the case, so that’s a great feeling.

Thomas John

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

As someone with a glimpse into other dimensions, how does that affect how you view the afterlife?

It affects me in the sense that I definitely know that life continues after death. I know that people continue to grow and learn, and that life is truly about learning.

Can you describe your understanding of what happens to someone’s spirit once they die? Can people assume their loved ones who have passed are in “a better place,” as we like to call it?

When people pass, 99% of the time they go through a life review, where they see their life until death. They see consequences and what they could have done differently. After that, they start to commence on their journey and the next things to learn. Sometimes they make the choice to come back in their physical form.

I’ve seen you use the word God in other interviews—what is your definition of God, given what you know about the spirit world?

We’re all God. God is everybody and it’s collective. Source energy is within all of us. I don’t think God is specifically a person, place, or thing—more of an all-encompassing life force within all of us. That’s why what we experience starts from within. We’re not judged like we’re on American Idol—rather we judge ourselves, and energy forms from within.

Thomas John

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Hannah Chenoweth

Hannah Chenoweth

Hannah Chenoweth is a New York-based writer and editor. She loves reading, yoga, nature, travel, and will always be a proud Mountaineer and lover of all things WVU. You can follow her on Twitter at @hannahchen2.

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