The Cosmic Cemetery

Astrology for the Information Age of Enlightenment with Aeolian Heart

“For every man who has ever lived, in this Universe there shines a star.” – Arthur C. Clarke, Forward to 2001: A Space Odyssey


he astrology of Aeolian Heart is a perfect key to understanding the Hermetic axiom, “As above, so below/As within, so without.”

For the last two years, Heart has published a weekly column that merges astrological forecasting with a scholarly pursuit of literature, poetry, drama, history, and fine art. Each week, after meticulously selecting a work of great literature or poetry with themes that reflect the current planetary transits, she then blends it together with numinous prose that feeds the spirit and sublime aesthetics that captivate the imagination.

The result is a fractal mirror into the human soul, reflecting on the dreams of poets and desires of madmen that move human history while magnifying the cycles of the cosmos that motivate the human drama. As above, so below.

A young astrologer with rare talent, reading Heart’s weekly column is like walking in the cemetery of the cosmos, among the ghosts of scribes whose fates were cast in the same stardust as our own. As within, so without.

“There is just so much noise in the world. Everyone is possessed by mass media. In this maelstrom it has become very hard to find your center,” Heart pensively maintains. “A lot of the time it feels as though there is no way of connecting to what makes you human.”

This disconnection is a void Heart intends to help repair. After earning her master’s degree in humanities in 2015, she was completely unfulfilled by her education. “I had wanted to luxuriate and linger upon history, art, and philosophy, but most of that has been lost in academia,” she explains. “When I started my own blog, I sought to give people a space where they could linger and feel that deep connection to humanity—and to their soul.”

I met with Heart at a coffee shop in Pasadena, California, to talk about the poetry of the stars, the song of the Universe, and what exactly it means to be human.

Aeolian Heart

Aeolian Heart, a young astrologer with rare talent

The Divine Children of Heaven and Earth

Aeolian Heart is the nom de plume of Rachel Capurso. It’s a play on the words aeolian harp—the Romantic-era musical instrument that was played by the wind. This heartfelt playfulness perfectly captures her spirit, and it is deeply resonant in her work.

Heart’s transcendent harmony can be heard in her painstakingly beautiful weekly horoscopes, which work to help us reclaim our humanity so that we can re-discover our innate divinity. “Astrology is a perfect medium for recovering our humanity,” she tells me, “this is a symbolic language, at least as old as the pyramids, and to know that there is a thread of mystery, knowledge, and revelation that can be traced as far back as that gives me no end of delight!”

Astrology, Heart says, is prefaced upon the wisdom that all parts of creation are linked together, influencing and exchanging energies with one another. “The study and practice of astrology thus illuminates the sympathy and correspondence between everything in the cosmos,” she explains. “The more that you can experience your own life as the microcosm that reflects the macrocosm, the more you will perceive the divine soul within yourself and in the world. A lot of people think astrology should be considered some kind of metaphysical psychology. Though it has an uncanny ability to describe human personality and a lot of therapeutic value, it is much bigger than that. I think of it as an art of divine ecosophy—ecological wisdom.

She synergizes her readings with philosophy, poetry, and literature, she says, because she wants her readers to hear the ancestral voices of the spiritus mundi. “These are the sages who have seen countless revolutions carried out a million times before and are calling from beyond the grave to tell us that there is nothing new under the sun.”

It’s impossible to ignore Heart’s inner romantic, how she shows the way to the cosmic heart the way a poet would—a trait that seems to set her apart as an astrologer. “As a primal myth, astrology tells the story of an eternal romance between the Heavens and the Earth,” she says. “The lovechild of Heaven and Earth is the human soul, replete with all of its passions and creative genius.”

If, as Heart says, “the human soul is a story that is being told, that is developing through eternal incarnation and regeneration, through the endless bounty between Heaven and Earth,” then Heart, I’ve learned, is an emerging midwife of that story, and we’d be wise to listen.

Aeolian Heart

Astrology for the Information Age of Enlightenment

The ability for the soul to find fertile ground in which it can grow is difficult in the modern era. For all of the gifts bestowed upon us by digital technology, it has made an arid landscape for the soul to develop into a whole being. In this polluted and barren soil, we run the risk of fragmenting into the shattered mirror of a schizophrenic ego while never discovering our full soul potential.

“Within us all exists a feminine and masculine principle,” Heart explains. “Yin and Yang, Lunar and Solar. It’s known as the Principle of Gender in The Kybalion. The feminine, Lunar principle is the womb of potential, the imagination where all possibility gestates. The masculine, Solar principle is the will of direct action, that impregnates the imagination and drives its children into being. The feminine is potential and the masculine is kinetic. In astrology, the relationship between Lunar and Solar is not one of opposition, but of sympathy and unity. The Sun and the Moon are lovers.”

The problem, Heart says, arises when this polarity becomes imbalanced. “The receptive Lunar principle can easily be influenced and directed by the will of another. To be receptive without defense, creates the conditions necessary to become possessed by the rhetoric of mass media and other state sponsored institutions. This is why all structures of power and propaganda use electrifying fear to divide and conquer. It is not just groups of people who are divided from one another, but also individuals who have their internal harmony transformed into internal opposition. Once someone is internally divided, it is very simple to implant ideology and arrest their will.”

“Since the Age of Enlightenment, the experience of internal division became the precedent for the collective worldview,” she goes on to explain. “Everything in the Universe—every atom, every planet, every galaxy—was categorized as dead matter and the doctrine of dogmatic materialism became law. Thus, the Western paradigm divided humanity from nature and we have all inherited the weakened internal state that this confusion has caused. To be born, not knowing yourself in a primal way to be an aspect of nature is insane, but it is the reality that we live in. I remember a time when I did not even know when the Moon was going to be full. I did not need to know, so I did not look further.”

She goes on to tell me that now, in the Information Age, where there is an exponentially increasing amount of data streaming past our weakened wills and straight into our overly receptive minds, as amazing as it is, it is also dangerously destabilizing to everyone. “Information overload is a real thing,” Heart says. “I call what I do Astrology for the Information Age of Enlightenment to be a little tongue-in-cheek about the collective values of both Ages. But I also use this description because I believe astrology is a good remedy for what is wrong with both the Information Age and the Enlightenment. Astrology reveals that there is an unseen interconnectedness underlying everything in the universe, from asteroids to atoms. There is no division between humanity and nature and there is no precedent for conflict between Solar and Lunar qualities.”

Aeolian Heart

Astrology as an Act of Rebellion

With a style both timely and timeless, Heart helps people stage their own personal cosmic rebellions through a variety of means: her weekly horoscopes, natal chart consultations, and online courses.

“Astrology is an art that empowers us to find our center, rebalancing our Lunar and Solar principles,” Heart concludes. “This is also why I say that astrology is an act of rebellion, because you are rebelling against ideologies that have divided you from yourself. Astrology is not like psychology in the way that psychology seeks to find illness or pathology. It is not like an intelligence test that places your value upon a bell curve. It is a holistic picture of a human being that acknowledges a vast well of qualities and potential. There is no such thing as a bad or ugly natal chart. When I give clients a natal chart reading, I empower them to acknowledge their many gifts and blessings, thereby reintroducing them to their center.”

As above, so below / As within, so without. The macrocosm within the microcosm.

Or, as Heart likes to say: “Remember that you are stardust and to stardust you shall return.”

Andrei Burke

Andrei Burke
Andrei Burke is a poet, screenwriter, and cultural critic who believes that the crossroads between high art and pop culture is where we find the gateway to the human soul. His essays and profiles on spiritual topics and practitioners have appeared in Ultraculture, WITCH, Evolve + Ascend, and Phenomenalisms. He currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

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