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Why join The Cosmic Collective?

Because your soul is hungry and ready to feast.

You are passionate about and devoted to your spiritual development and growth, and you’re looking for a no-BS, authentic af community to walk the mystical path with.

The Cosmic Collective is your source for inspired education, spiritual development, and a heart-centered community.

Each month we will curate virtual presentations by rotating soulful practitioners from around the world who will lead live Spirit readings, discussions, workshops, meditations, Q&As, rituals, moon ceremonies, and more to encourage your spiritual growth.

You are here to become your own guru, and The Cosmic Collective is here to support you on that path, and to make sure you have a hell of a time doing it!

Who is this for?


You want to learn more about your innate power and develop your intuition and psychic abilities to become your own guru.


You know you’re here to do important work and you’ve been in search of an aligned community and training to amplify and hone your skills.


You prefer an authentic, straightforward, and accessible approach to spirituality. No woo here, just wow, babes!

Each month you will get:

Δ Live Intuitive Readings
Δ Live Q&A w/ Spiritual Teachers
Δ Live Moon Rituals
Δ Live Spiritual Courses and Workshops
Δ Monthly Energy Report by Andye Murphy, The Rock N Roll Shaman
Δ Exclusive Discounts
Δ Member-Only Giveaways
Δ Private Facebook Group Support + Community
Δ Surprise Bonuses!

Each month, we choose a different theme that the collective will benefit from and select skilled practitioners who we trust to deliver developmental education to advance your spirituality. Each new month is fresh and fun!

No woo here, just WOW!


Our no fluff, no bullshit, straightforward approach to spirituality is what we felt was lacking in the Now Age. We wanted to make spirituality accessible and empower each and every person with the wisdom and knowledge to access their own power and share it with the world.

We created what we wished existed and we’re certain you’ll feel like a breath of fresh air hit you when you dive into this conscious collective.

The Inner Workings

Access to archives and all digital resources

Practical, actionable, developmental education

Supportive community to walk alongside as you grow and develop your unique spirituality

Exclusive savings on products and services by conscious creators and soulpreneurs that will aid your growth

Fresh to death content each month by verified and trustworthy practitioners who specialize in the mystical arts


“Few things have influenced my life as the Cosmic Collective has. I can only compare the experience of the collective to seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time in 30 years, the experience of re-discovering and immersing yourself in the entire discography of David Bowie, or to the calm relief of a forest bath after days of urban living.

In the collective, I have found new paths to follow in my spiritual journey. I have a place now where I can explore spirituality without ending every story I tell by awkwardly giggling and calling myself weird. We are all weird here. In the best way.”

~Chris Rath Selhi

Chris Rath Selhi
Alyse Marselle

“Morgan, Arizona, and The Cosmic Collective have been integral parts of my spiritual journey. I’ve been a member since day one and the growth I’ve experienced since then is mind blowing. Getting access to such a wide variety of spiritual practitioners has truly changed my life.

Where else can you sample everything from mediumship to EFT tapping to past life regression (and more!) for the low cost of a monthly membership? The knowledge I’ve gained through the collective is invaluable and I am forever grateful to Arizona and Morgan for creating this space.”

~Alyse Marselle

“It’s hard to put into words how much the Cosmic Collective has impacted my spiritual journey and my life as a whole. I am not the same person I was when I first became a member (I’m proud founding member, wooo!!).

I used to be so caught up in my human experience. Now, I live with an open heart and an open mind. I am learning to live my life fully, as a human and spiritual being. Through teachings from practitioners and conversations with other members, I have felt my soul expand. I am seen, heard, loved, and supported in this group and I am so thankful for all of the light it shines on my life. I have the chills all over my body as I write this, reminding me that joining this group was the biggest “self-love move” I’ve ever made.”

~Alyssa Hobart

Alyssa Hobart

together we rise

You may be thinking, “Sure, this all sounds great but I have joined other online communities and tried different digital platforms for spiritual education with no success. What makes this different?”

We hear you. We’ve been there too and The Cosmic Collective is everything we didn’t receive in other members only communities and everything we do want to encourage in the development of our souls.

This is what sets us apart:

Δ LIVE readings and teachings (if you miss one, just watch the archives of each session)
Δ Access to ALL archives of previous months
Δ No “love and light” here—we’ll be diving deep into the depths of our souls and doing the shadow work that is necessary to graciously and confidently walk in the light. We like to think “love, light, and black holes” is a better fit.
Δ Practical, actionable, developmental education and inspiration on all things Spirit (the afterlife, numerology, astrology, tarot, runes, crystals, meditation, spirit guides, angels, ancestors, ritual, alchemy, mystery traditions, and more).
Δ A community that you’ve been deeply craving and calling in to support your ascension in this lifetime—cosmic BFFs from all over the world!
Δ Tools to help you activate your purpose in this lifetime and answer the call of your soul, because who has time for an unaligned existence?

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”

Oprah Winfrey, The Queen

The Monthly Goods

Based on each month’s theme, we will curate practitioners to deliver ALL of the following…and sometimes a little bit extra!

Live Readings

Expert practitioners will channel Spirit each month with a message for the collective and individual members that Spirit choses to address. Spirit decides who will receive messages, but there will be something impactful everyone. Mediums, psychics, tarot, akashic records, past life regression, life purpose, love, career, creativity—you name it! New readers each month so you can find the right guide for you!

Live Q&A Sessions

The path of a spiritual seeker is not all love and light and connection. The dark is as important as the light and we aren’t expected to know how to navigate everything alone. We’ll bring in experts on a variety of topics to answer your burning Spirit-based questions LIVE!

Live Moon Rituals

Align with the rhythm of nature and the universe with our new or full moon ritual circles each month. These sessions are held on or near the new or full moon with guided ritual and ceremony by our favorite witchy moon goddess, Amy Solara.

Live Courses and Workshops

We’re all here to absorb and apply, and a huge focus of ours is the development of our spiritual gifts. Learn from the best of the best and apply these teachings directly to your life to advance on your spiritual path and connect the infinite with the finite.

Monthly Energy Report

Start your month right with a video energy report by Andye Murphy, The Rock n Roll Shaman! Her no-BS way of telling us what’s up is the perfect way to lean into each new month.

Exclusive Discounts to Other Soulpreneurs’ Offerings

We rise by lifting others and there are so many conscious creators and practitioners we’ve divinely crossed paths with that we think you would love! These exclusive discounts will vary from products to services and will always be magical.

Discounts on Digital Guides and Live Events

Enjoy a 10% discount on The Digital Bookshelf in our Cosmic Shop. You can also apply this discount for any live events we host including retreats and digital courses!

Private Facebook Group

Connect, share, and grow together in The Cosmic Collective private Facebook group. This is where you can get to know your fellow soulsearchers and ask questions, help each other grow, hold space, and even create together. This group is, of course, accessible 24/7 to all members and will be moderated and guided by us.

Member Only Giveaways

To give is to receive and we LOVE to give! These monthly giveaways will be held in The Cosmic Collective private Facebook group and will include products and services from bomb-ass friends of ours.

Surprise BONUSES

Each month we will sprinkle some unexpected magic on you with surprise bonus offerings! It’s like Russian Roulette with cosmic confetti.

All of this, available on ALL devices!

What’s In Store For January?

A ton of glorious, soul-expansive stuff, that’s what!

The theme this month is, drum roll, please...

“Life Purpose"

We are thrilled to bring you specially curated content on this vital topic over the course of the month. Below is a sneak peek of what awaits you, cosmic babes!

Julie Ryan, Medical Medium
LIVE Messages from Spirit

Psychic and medical medium Julie Ryan can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has in their energetic field, and can facilitate energetic healings on the spot. She also communicates with spirits both alive and dead! In this session, Julie will give mini readings on medical or life purpose questions to as many people as possible in the alloted time.

Julie Ryan
Jess Blanche

Jess Blanche, Intuitive EFT Coach
LIVE: EFT “Tapping” into Your Life Purpose

Our main soul purpose is to be our most true, authentic selves. This and this alone is how we will best serve the world! In this power session, EFT Coach Jess Blanche leads us in a group life purpose coaching + EFT tapping rounds to help us clear our fears around being our truest, most bad-ass selves with pride. Expect soul purpose coaching from a spiritual perspective and multiple tapping rounds around stepping into our fiercest, most genuine selves.

Nicholle Caldwell, Intuitive Energy Healer
LIVE Breathwork on Purpose

Uncover the power of your breath and tap into your life’s purpose. Join Nicholle Caldwell, Intuitive Energy Healer, Life Coach/Mentor, and Plant Medicine Integration Guide for this fun workshop where you’ll be guided in a transformative, yet simple breathing technique to clear the energetic blocks keeping you feeling stuck in repetitive cycles and from achieving your next level of expansion and success.

Nicholle Caldwell
Arizona Bell

Arizona Bell, Your Friend!
LIVE Living Your Best Life NOW

Living our best, most joyous life is not only what we are meant to learn to do in this human incarnation, it’s what our deceased loved ones, ancestors, and spirit teams want most for us! Why? Because the higher we vibe in this lifetime, the higher we vibe in the afterlife and beyond. We are all on an ascension journey and how we conduct our life RIGHT NOW matters. Arizona Bell presents lessons gleaned from death, grief, and afterlife communications that have brought her to now living the life of her dreams—and how you can do the same!

Amy Solara, Witch & Spiritual Mentor
LIVE New Moon Ceremony

New moons are all about fresh starts and beginnings. Setting intentions during new moons has become a regular and super rewarding practice for us, and we are so stoked to have you with us in our monthly circle! Our favorite witchy mama and spiritual mentor Amy Solara will lead us in a new moon ceremony crafted exclusively for The Cosmic Collective and built around the “Life Purpose” theme.

Amy Solara
Andye Murphy

Andye Murphy, Multidimensional Shaman
PRE-RECORDED Monthly Energetic Report

Equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible with what’s in store energetically for the month ahead. Everyone’s favorite shaman, Andye Murphy, will be tuning into the collective energy and sharing what’s what for the month ahead!

There’s no such thing as chance. You’re here for a reason. You’re hearing the call and The Cosmic Collective is on the line.

Are you ready to answer the call of your soul?

Membership Pricing Options

Monthly (Recurring)


Set up a recurring monthly payment with zero risk because you can cancel at any time with no hassle whatsoeva!

1 Month Flat (Non-Recurring)


Want to try us out? Have a particular practitioner you’re jazzed to watch? Purchase one month flat out! No recurring payments or cancellation to worry about. Your subscription expires one month from date of purchase.

Annual (Non-Recurring)


This is not an automatically recurring payment; your membership will expire 12 months from the day you signed up, with an option for renewal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make every live presentation/reading?

Not to fret! We try to schedule the live gatherings at the most convenient times for all on a global scale, but of course we can’t predict when you might have a hot date! All the live presentations and events will be available within 24 hours for you to watch, re-wind, and watch again! You do you whenever you want, boo boo.

Is The Cosmic Collective just for women?

Hell nah! Who do you think we are, barbarians? We welcome EVERYONE interested in their own spiritual development and connecting with a like-minded community. Come one, come all!

Can I cancel my subscription if I don’t like the content?

Of course! We want you to be happy and if that means leaving The Cosmic Collective, then we wish you all the best. You can cancel your subscription at anytime in your member profile. There are no refunds for annual memberships.

If I’ve already joined, where can I log in to see all of the magical membership content?

Please log in to the member portal to access this month’s content as well as past archives.

How can I cancel my Cosmic Collective account?

Dang. Break ups happen, don’t they?! We’re sad to see you go but it’s really no sweat and we hope you’ve enjoyed your time with us as much as we did! You can cancel your account by logging in here, clicking “view details” and then “abandon.”


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