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10 Afterlife Researchers & Mediums You Need To Know


pirit Guides just returned from the Afterlife Research and Education Symposium, organized by the Afterlife Research and Education Institute (AREI) in Scottsdale, Arizona. This gathering brought together some of the brightest and most well-studied minds in the afterlife research space, all working to provide evidence to the idea that our consciousness continues once our physical body dies.

The key word here is evidence. And holy shit were we provided a ton of it! From off-the-cuff platform medium readings to hard data science presentations, we will venture to say that we doubt anyone left the AREI symposium doubting.

AREI Symposium

George Noory and many of the presenters at the AREI Symposium celebrating a successful event.

We were lucky enough to have our very own Arizona Bell speak on the George Noory panel as well as present on harnessing the energy of grief to deepen our spiritual understanding. This was a jam-packed weekend with jaw-dropping evidence, facts, and undeniable contact with spirit in the afterlife. Talk about chills and all the feels!

Here, we present a roundup of the top 10 researchers and mediums that anyone serious about exploring life after death needs to know about right now.

10 Afterlife Researchers & Mediums You Need To Know

Victor and Wendy Zammit

Victor and Wendy Zammit – This Australian power couple are pioneers in afterlife research and have been publishing the Friday Afterlife Report since 2004. This extensively researched (and free!) weekly newsletter on afterlife evidence is read by thousands of people around the world. Full-time writers and researchers on empirical evidence for the afterlife, Victor and Wendy’s book, A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife, is a best-selling book on Amazon and widely acclaimed as one of the clearest and most complete reviews of the evidence for the afterlife. The couple provide proof that consciousness continues after our physical body dies, and that, yes, it continues in a gorgeous, love-bursting place!

As for any skeptics out there, Victor and Wendy have created a one-million dollar challenge for anyone who can rebut the evidence supporting the existence of the afterlife presented in their book. But if you’re looking to get rich quick, this might not be the fastest route as they have not had a single successful rebuttal in the decades of this offering!

R. Craig Hogan

R. Craig Hogan – President of AREI, PhD, author, and may we just say overall jolly guy, Hogan is an afterlife researcher who has developed an online training program that enables anyone to connect with loved ones living on the next plane of life. The program uses a form of self-relaxation to bring the experiencer into a state in which the connections may occur. It then teaches the experiencer how to allow free, open unfoldment so messages can come through from loved ones. The experiencers fill out journals after each stage that are submitted to AREI. Hogan reads each journal and coaches experiencers to help them learn how to have an afterlife connection by allowing free unfoldment. Hogan’s book Your Eternal Self is a staple in afterlife research.

Hogan is also an advocate of developing physical mediumship circles, whoever and wherever you are. His own mediumship circle is called the Masters of Light and has been together for nine years. They have had tons of successful interactions with the world of spirit, and with emerging physical medium Rob Blackburn who experiences “ectoplasm symptoms” joining the group, it is growing quickly in its profundity.

Scott Milligan
David Thompson

Scott Milligan and David Thompson Scott and David are two of 8 known physical mediums in the world, and we were lucky to have them both at this year’s symposium. Not only did they offer workshops and trance presentations, both preformed physical mediumship séances for select participants. We were lucky enough to attend one of David’s, and…there really are no words other than: Holy. Shit. To say the very least, it was life changing, leaving zero doubt in our minds of the continuity of life after physical death. We had many people relay to us the same sentiments about sitting in Scott’s séances. We also experienced both of them give trance demonstrations, which were beyond profound. We left the conference believing that physical mediumship circles will change the way we see the world, and the way we live our lives. We strongly encourage you to research this form of mediumship and do whatever you can to experience it one day.

Susanne Wilson

Susanne Wilson – If you don’t know Susanne Wilson, otherwise known as The Carefree Medium, then you don’t know us! Just kidding; but really, we love her. Not only have we experienced her mind-blowing evidential medium gift first hand, we really dig her insistence on teaching the world at large how to connect with our own spirit guides and loved ones.

At the AREI conference she said, “I want to put mediums out of business and teach everyone to be their own medium. Because we are all capable of connecting with our own spirit team and loved ones in spirit!” For a world-renowned pro to say that to us mortals, we knew this was a turning point, a fork in the road of growth and spiritual development. In fact, Wilson has cut down significantly on one-on-one readings (we know, it sucks!) to focus on teaching us all how to make our own spirit connections. We can’t think of a clearer signifier of being “the real deal” than dedicating one’s life to teaching people how to fish, so to speak. Join Susanne, Arizona, Morgan and many other spiritual mentors at the 2019 Soul Summit Scottsdale event.

Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann – When we sat down at the 2017 AREI symposium to experience Suzanne Giesemann channel “Sanaya”—a collective of higher beings that speak through Suzanne when in a state of trance—at the AREI conference, the woman next to us, upon hearing that we had never seen Suzanne in trance before, said, “Oh, you are in for a treat.” And girl was right! It was literally a “holy shit” moment if we’d ever experienced one. We left the channeling session high as kites and in utter belief about what we just experienced, because once you see it with your own eyes and feel it with your own heart, there is zero doubt that Giesemann’s channeling gift is authentic.

And the coolest thing about Giesemann being one of the world’s most renowned evidential mediums is that she spent most of her life as a left-brained U.S. Navy Commander—making her insistence on evidence in her work as a medium vital to her process. As she says, you can take the girl out of the U.S. Navy but you can’t take the U.S. Navy out of the girl! Her insistence on providing evidential proof of her connection to the spirit world adds to the indisputability of her link with Spirit.

Sandra Champlain

Sandra Champlain – Sandra Champlain used to be afraid to death of death, and now she hosts the number one life after death radio show in the world. Her book We Don’t Die: A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death explores the question: If you realized you could never die, how would you live your life? The fear of dying led Champlain on a 15-year exploration to discover evidence of the afterlife, and oh how she found it! She now shares her story from skeptic to believer and the continually emerging afterlife research with the world on the We Don’t Die Radio Show, and we are so grateful that she does.

Sonia Rinaldi

Sonia Rinaldi – Now if you really want to get blown off your rocker, look into the work of Sonia Rinaldi. By far the most mind-bending part of the AREI symposium for us was this renowned Brazilian researcher’s presentation on her afterlife research findings with Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC), aka recording the voices and capturing images of spirit.

When we heard the words “not too long from now you’ll be able to pick up the phone and call or text a deceased loved one,” we about keeled over and died ourselves. What the…? But, after hearing and seeing Rinaldi’s evidence, it is difficult to deny the reality of the research that she and her team are spearheading. And don’t even get us started on “ultraterrestrial” beings! Goodness gracious. Find out more of this groundbreaking research at, or spend an hour listening to the below interview with Sandra Champlain:

Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony – No, not the one who was married to J.Lo. This Mark Anthony is a lawyer-turned-medium who works today to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the scientific. As a fourth-generation, science-based evidential medium, he is the author of Evidence of Eternity, the first book of its genre to be considered for a Pulitzer Prize. On top of that, he is funny—really, really funny. He’s someone you won’t regret coming to know.

Jurgen Ziewe

Jurgen Ziewe – Who is ready to talk about astral travel and out of body experiences?! We are! Jurgen Ziewe has been traveling the astral plane for decades and recording all of his experiences in detail in a secret diary, with words as well as artistic representations of what he sees during his travels (the main photo of this article is one of his!). With his fantastical, gorgeous imagery he is giving us a “hello from the other side” and we are so picking up the phone! If, as Ziewe says, “we are still at the very beginning of unlocking our final frontier,” he is for sure a spearhead. His books Multi-dimensial Man and Vistas of Infinity are considered some of the best “travel” writing out there.

The Newton Institute

The Newton Institute – You may have heard of or experienced Past Life Regression, but how about Life Between Lives? Yeah, didn’t think so! But omg we are so going to now that we know about it! This hypnotherapy explores our souls’ home and the Institute has loads of data to confirm the afterlife and the elements that define it. If you are trained in Past Life Regression, the Institute is always looking for people to certify in this cutting-edge healing modality.

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