The Moon is My Calendar

Lunar Inspiration to Nourish + Empower Your Personal Growth


he influence the moon has on us is undeniable. As our celestial sister shining brightly in the sky wanes and waxes, we too ebb and flow along with her natural rhythms.

Urging us to be rooted but fluid, the moon never gets stuck or attached to any one phase, but moves gracefully through them all. A great teacher and mentor, we can learn so much by tuning in to the rhythms of the moon and the effect it has on the stardust coursing through our veins.

To assist us on our soul journey and integrate the wisdom of the moon into our daily lives, April Miller McMurtry created The Moon is My Calendar—a new moon calendar and journal to work with the energy of the moon. To truly harness the manifesting power of the moon, we “plant seeds” of intentions with the new moon, and allow them to “bloom” into fruition with the light of the full moon.

This creative process nurtures our personal practice, helps us reconnect to our own natural rhythms, and amplifies our manifesting power with intention and deliberate action.

Spirit Guides waxed poetic with McMurtry on how she was called and inspired to create The Moon is My Calendar and what la luna can teach us when we plug into its forces. The Summer 2017 edition just dropped and we are so ready to get our manifestation ON!

The Moon is My Calendar

What was the spark that lit The Moon is my Calendar into existence?

My name is a month (April) and I was born on New Year’s Eve, so ​from day one ​my life has been intricately woven into the fabric of time.

When I really tune in and reflect on the path that led me here, I can see that the spark for The Moon Is My Calendar was a seed buried long ago—like the eggs I was born with and carried while I was still inside my mother. I was too busy to listen to the moon until I became a mother myself, and then I was forced to listen.​

After giving birth to my first daughter, my whole life began to restructure—my daily rhythms began to change around her needs and suddenly what I needed was no longer as important. In so many ways I lost my old self: the spontaneous, sometimes chaotic self. It was disorienting—not good or bad, just disorienting.

One evening, my dear friend Sita and I met on the new moon to set intentions and share what had happened during the previous cycles. After many years we had both gone through so many changes and transformations, and this regular practice of getting together was a container that held me together.

This practice birthed the new moon calendar/journal as a tool to record the journey and connect more deeply to ourselves and the universe​. When my second daughter was born I began to follow the lunar cycle daily—not just ​the new and full moon.

The Moon is My Calendar

How did you begin to see your life change when you reconnected to the moon’s energy and cycles?

I began to find myself again—understanding my own orbits of self care and burnout, inspiration and despair, trust and fear, expansion and contraction. I fell in love with la luna and her soothing medicine.

By tuning in to the expansion and contraction of the moon, I have learned to put fewer demands on myself and not feel pressure to always be “on” like the bright light of the full moon. I now give myself permission to relax into the exhale of the waning phase in order to reflect and digest life’s rich, and sometimes difficult, experiences. ​I understand the need to retreat inward to access the source of my being, as well as the need to reach outward to nourish connections around me.

Before tracking with the moon I thought I had to decide if I was ​either an introvert or an extrovert. The moon doesn’t have to pick whether she is new or full, light or dark. She is both at different times in her cycle.

I have days with more outward, extroverted expression and days with more inward, introverted energy. At the core, I know I need alone time to collect myself and recharge, but that doesn’t limit my range of how I express myself or think I should act at different times in the cycle. Reconnecting with the moon taught me all this and more—the lessons are quite literally infinite.

The Moon is My Calendar

On your spiritual journey, what has guided you?
I am guided by the elements in nature: earth, air, fire, water, and space. I notice how they are expressed through me.

All the animals in my environment. I ask questions when I’m out and see who comes to answer. Messages are everywhere.

Intuition, ​inner knowing, learning from relationships, my self-sensory awareness system.​

I start my morning with Kundalini yoga and meditation, so I can set the tone for the day and listen to subtle energy, rather than ​​​let my mind go in overdrive from the minute I wake up.

The life cycle of the California buckeye tree. Pure magic!

And of course, the moon herself. Like a companion, she gives meaning and beauty to this time on earth.​

Where have you traveled to that will forever live in your heart as the place that moved you more than most?

There were moments in Mexico when I felt like I was living magical realism. It’s not just a literary technique—as anyone who has experienced it knows.​ It’s beyond words.

From atop the Pirámide de la Luna en Teotihuacán, to a figure drawing class with three nude models dancing to U2, the winding roads deep in the Sierra Madre of Oaxaca where the Spanish language never reached, and eating stuffed squash blossoms from the cornfield behind the house where I was staying. The pulse of life was visceral.

Heartbeat. Listening. Breaking. Revealing. Connected.

The Moon is My Calendar

How do you believe our lives can benefit from aligning with this ancient and infinite lunar rhythm that you so love?

Modern life can be so disorienting. In the US we live in ​​such an “on-demand” society ​with glowing screens 24/7​ and cities that never sleep—​thankfully ​the moon does not obey this insanity. Sometimes she is just not available.

The moon teaches us that each phase is necessary and has value. That we don’t need to always be like a flower in full bloom, sometimes we are the seed, the sprout, the fruit, or the compost.

​La luna reminds us that we are whole—even when it appears that ​our light is not 100 percent there. Everything has a time for expansion and a time for contraction: the tides, our breath, the life cycle of plants and animals, the birth and death of stars.

W​hen you are aligned with this ancient rhythm, you can sense that the moon ​is ​transmit​ing​ the energetic pulse of the universe.

Many women I’ve talked to have the feeling ​that the moon is calling out for ​us to reconnect with this wisdom, with our cyclical nature. La luna helps us not get stuck in one phase. She is a guide to help us follow our own unique, ever-changing rhythm.

photos by julia corbett


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