The Moon Sisterhood

Awakening the Wild Woman Within by Aligning with the Rhythm of The Moon


s highly attuned wild women, we cherish, nourish, and honor the magic that shines down on us from our glowing sister in the sky, the moon. Spirit Guides Magazine was launched on a full moon by no accident or “coincidence,” and we are always taken aback from watching a moonrise or gazing into the eyes of a sister when sitting in ceremony under her glow.

The connection amongst sisters is not only amplified by the moon, as we gather to bleed, chant, share, cry, release, manifest, and birth the desires of our hearts and souls, but it is also the driving force behind the unconditional love we are capable of expressing towards one another. Sisterhood and the moon—a connection as old as time.

Anne Hayman, founder of The Moon Sisterhood, is one magical woman who is uniting the feminine energy of the moon with our earthly souls and guiding us to connect with the power of the moon to conjure practical, cosmic magic in our modern lives.

Spirit Guides spoke with Hayman about her journey out of the broom closet, and we are so inspired to dive into the depths of our souls with the light of the moon as our guide! Satiate your curiosity and raise your vibration by absorbing Hayman’s wisdom, and be sure to grab the exclusive discount to her workbooks at the end!

Anne Hayman

Anne Hayman is the founder of The Moon Sisterhood

What was the spark that illuminated The Moon Sisterhood into existence?

The fire has always been there, honestly! I feel like I have been working towards something big my whole life. So it hasn’t just been one spark. I was always fascinated by the moon, witches, time travel, occult, Egypt, etc., as a kid.

My connection with sister moon as my guide deepened when I decided to travel around the US in 1994 at the age of 19. I set off westward on a whim one summer night, in a truck, with a boy from Southern California I met at a party after a Grateful Dead show. We slept outside on our mats or in the truck bed and we never used tents. I became fascinated by the moon even more once I had been sleeping under her for a few nights. I learned so much about myself at night lying there watching the sky over the next year. I became obsessed with astrology, the moon in particular.

I had a vision one night where a woman came to me and told me I needed to learn more about herbs to heal my skin from eczema. So I started learning about herbs also. We identified herbs and wildcrafted various remedies as we traveled around the country. It was really fun!

When I found out I was pregnant, my connection to my guides instantly got stronger and it became obvious I was supposed to work with women somehow.

While I was in school in 1998 to become a Midwife I was able to do some red tent rituals. I learned a lot through all of my years of training, from self-study living on a commune in Northern California, to apprenticeships for Holistic Aromatherapy and medicine making, plus formal education getting my Holistic Health Practitioner’s license and then becoming a Licensed Holistic Esthetician.

I taught classes on medicine making at local spots around town when I moved to Metro Detroit in 2007, but when I got sick in late 2008, I had to quit teaching.

Back then it wasn’t possible to teach online like we can now. It never occurred to me that it would be possible.

The Moon Sisterhood

I honestly didn’t feel safe sharing the spiritual part of myself publicly until about 2013. And then, all of a sudden, I received big downloads !

I would channel the same things over and over. I saw The Holistic Planner. I saw the Moon Workbooks I would later create. I drew basic versions of the pages of my Chakra 101 books I was shown on my iPad. I even have a basic version of parts of my apprenticeship in the notes of my iPad that I still pull from!

My guides were telling me that I needed to share the info I was channeling with the world, but at first I resisted. They were very specific about the order I was to introduce things. The moon was part of the first wave of info. I started sharing more about my spiritual life. It was time and I was finally coming around.

I remember my friend Jenny interviewed me in 2013 about my magazine for her yoga blog. She asked me about my mission and I told her I was here to raise the vibration of the planet but later that night I couldn’t sleep. I felt sick. I texted Jenny and asked her not to publish that part. It scared me so badly to put that out there.

It was 2013, things were still a little scary in the witchy wise woman world—I still smelled of smoke, if you know what I mean. I was ok with talking about essential oils, cards, crystals, mediation, etc., but I was still scared to share the moon ritual stuff—or the urge I was feeling to support other “undercover” lightworkers.

However, my guides were constantly reassuring me and the universe kept guiding me to validation through synchronicities like meeting people, hearing the right words, and being in the right place at the right time.

Finally, I got brave. I rededicated my energy with a new sense of purpose.

By late 2014, I shifted the focus of my website. I had been teaching about the moon and rituals for over a year and interest had grown so much. I switched to using my name as my brand. I focused on teaching about the moon phases and how cycles affect us. I did tarot card readings anywhere I could. I co-taught a year long program called The Moon Ritual Journey with the Sacred Sister Society for two years. I bought sometime in 2014.

By the end of 2015, I realized the time for The Moon Sisterhood was perfect. I launched it on instagram in February of 2016 and it just took off from there!

The Moon Sisterhood

The Holistic Planner that you’ve created helps us to align with the power of the moon. How do you think aligning with this celestial being can benefit other spiritual entrepreneurs?

The moon cycles and the phases we go through all have energetic imprints that can help us to accelerate our spiritual growth and get in tune with our own cycles. Then when we notice the patterns (imprints) we can use them to our advantage. Kinda like using the new moon to set intentions because we are ready to start new things and are naturally in very fertile energy to plant seeds. Or how it’s best to plan a retreat at waning moon when we naturally feel like resting and recharging. You begin to know intuitively when to push and when to pause and reflect. The moon teaches you how to stay aligned and use your energy efficiently if you can slow down and listen to her.

On your spiritual journey, what has guided you?

I love goddesses and I adore Lakshmi. I’ve even painted her! In 2006 I created a three-foot stencil of her and I spray painted her on big stickers and put them up all over downtown San Diego. Her image vibrates so high!

I always listen to my spirit guides and my heart. I am always very open to new info coming in, especially in my dreams or out in nature. Animal spirits guide me as well.

Where have you traveled to that will forever live in your heart as the place that moved you more than most?

North Shore Oahu, Hawaii. I planned to visit for two weeks, but stayed six! I had an experience with the ocean that blew my mind and opened my heart. That island is magical. I still have shells from my trip on my altars!

How do you think awakening the “wise woman within” can benefit the state of the world currently?

When we raise our vibration, then the collective energy that surrounds us raises as well. We are a ripple in a pond. By doing the work and uncovering our inner lightworkers, we heal and empower ourselves and share that magical energy with the world.

The Moon Sisterhood


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