The Numerology of 2019

A 3 Universal Year Ignites Creativity, Optimism, and The Spotlight

BY Morgan Garza


allelujah. Here we are again, at the beginning of another year, feeling massive relief to bid adieu to the previous year. You are here. You made it through, and you are better for it.

If you felt like you got put through the washing machine in 2018, you’re not alone. It was a rough ride on some level for just about everyone. I may have been quoted (read: wrote an entire article) saying that 2018 was going to be the “best year yet.” Well, now I laugh in the face of that but I am also aware enough to know that in many ways, it was GR8 and just what I needed to develop into who I am gracefully becoming.

And I can bet you feel the same. Relief and gratitude.

The thing is, there is constant expansion and contraction in life and the universe. Think about the birth and death of a star. Explode into life, implode into infinite darkness. Repeat.

We cannot continually bloom. We must pull in our petals when shit gets cold and crazy to protect ourselves. And then when the clouds part and the sun reemerges, we can resume the position of full expression, and with a twist.

While 2018 may have been an 11 Universal Year of mastery (2+0+1+8=11), it was also a year of making sure that the shit we thought we had mastered, was. The lessons were repeated in an unprecedented amount of retrogrades, a super potent eclipse season, and overall emotional and collective upheaval. Summer was a doozy and it didn’t leave any stone unturned. But under those stones were new discoveries, rare finds, and, in many cases, straight up diamonds!

Now, we can move forward better and stronger for having had to revisit those hard truths.

Those lessons can finally be put on the bookshelf of knowledge that forever lives in our souls: the akashic records, if you will.

2019 is a 3 Universal Year (2+0+1+9=12, 1+2=3)

It’s only natural to look to a new year with hope, promise, prosperity, and infinite possibilities. But let’s learn from the battery that 2018 delivered that among the divine, there is also the devil.

Lucky for us, 3 is the number of creativity, expansion, manifestation, and self-expression. We will likely feel more powerful, aligned, and on top of the world than we have in a long time. The past two years were challenging, but they were grooming us for this year. We were clearing out all the unnecessary blocks and limiting beliefs so that we could level up this year and stand tall knowing we are worthy of all that we desire.

The numerology and unique vibration of this year will give us the strength to go toward our purpose and goals. We will feel more creative and able to put that creativity into action, whatever that looks like for you.

It’s time for all of us to take the reins of life and our desires. But the best thing about this is that we are all going to be going through this wild ride together! Just as we all were in the shitstorm of 2018, we will all be riding the wave of glory in 2019—so get ready to high-five your friends on the way!

WTF are all these numbers, anyway?

If you’re wondering how this works and how these numbers are derived, numerology of years works on a cycle of 1-9.

In 2017, we had a 1 Universal Year (2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1) and that was most definitely a year of new beginnings and great shifts. The collective reflected the energy of a new cycle.

Then, 2018 was an 11/2 Universal Year, which can be a bit confusing. Master numbers do not reduce down. We were really vibing with the frequency of an 11, and opposing the energy of 2 which is the number of partnership, compassion, and cooperation. The 11/2 balance cultivated a mutual respect in partnership and a call to rise above divisiveness. Evolution was non negotiable.

Now, in 2019, we are called to cultivate purpose and share it with the world. To manage our emotions, think before we speak, practice sustainable use of our innate energy, and communicate our desires and fears authentically. Get ready to step into the spotlight, because the number 3 is a star!

Morgan Garza

Morgan Garza

Morgan is a free spirit, traveler of inner and outer worlds, and co-founder of Spirit Guides Magazine. Her background is in holistic health and wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy healing, and all things mystical. She feels deeply, thinks expansively, and writes to make you feel something, question everything, and make you smile.

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