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he art of ritual is something that is not nearly as present in our modern lives as it was previously. The ancestral memories of ritual and ceremony pump through us and call to us to answer with devotion, to connect with Spirit, ourselves, and the divine nature of everything around us by bringing ritual into our daily lives.

In The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell states, “The function of ritual, as I understand it, is to give form to human life, not in the way of a mere surface arrangement, but in depth.” Through intentional action and sacred ritual, we are able to weaken the barriers between worlds to open our lives to and deeply connect with Spirit.

But in order to perform a ritual you’ll need some witchy provisions, and what better way to initiate than with some herbal love? Krystal Gassett, founder of The Ritual Store, is here to help! If you haven’t already seen her magic on Instagram, Gassett crafts the most gorgeous little bundles and hosts an apothecary with a variety of herbs, crystals, and intentions to empower your spells and activate your dreams.

Gassett talked with us about becoming a spiritual entrepreneur via seeing a psychic, and transforming her life completely to become the creator of The Ritual Store. With a tag line like “HEAL within, LOVE unconditionally, and INVOKE the divine light,” her goods are gorgeous and so is her vibe. She’s extending some good discount vibes to you too so read your way to the pot of gold at the end of this cosmic rainbow.

The Ritual Store

Witches need goods and you sure got ‘em! How did you come to be the provider of all things magical?

There is so much magic around us and everyone should have some in their life. I started creating magic for myself and friends, and really wanted to bring some of that to others in a beautiful and loving way.

I love healing, magical products, and I could not find what I was looking for. I started creating blends, elixirs, and beautiful smudges that were all infused with crystal healing, lunar energy, and vibrations of love and light. I knew I had to open up a shop with high vibrational products for the conscious collective or anyone wanting some positive vibes in there life. The Ritual Store was channeled to me during meditation, and has truly been a blessing.

The Ritual Store

Were you always a smudge bundler or did you decide to live a life in the light recently?

I actually was at a job that was not fulfilling and my soul was yearning for something more. So I said screw this, I’m going to just go for it! I actually got a psychic reading when I was going through this and was told I would be doing this. I didn’t believe it, but then it happened! To be honest, I have always loved crystals and everything magical, and once I hit my awakening, it opened it all up. I realized we can manifest anything, you just have to find your passion and go for it, the universe will always guide you along your true path.

The Ritual Store

How has travel impacted your life? Do you have a “happy place”?

Traveling is an amazing thing. Taking a trip to explore life is something I love more than anything. Being a Sagittarius, I’m a free-spirited gypsy who loves to travel, learn, and evolve spiritually. My favorite place is near the water, especially a beautiful serene beach. Nothing compares to the water and the healing tranquil energy that you receive from it.

The Ritual Store

How do you connect with spirit?

I connect to Spirit and my higher self daily, especially during meditation, which I do in the morning and at night. I’m empathic and highly intuitive so it’s natural for me to step into my divine feminine goddess power to receive spiritual guidance. I only work with Spirit, angels, and guides of love and light. They always give me signs and guidance for everything in life. Tarot and oracle cards are one thing I also love. They always give clarity to anything, plus they are so fun to use!

The Ritual Store

What is your go-to ritual when you need an energy boost?

My go to ritual for an energy boost, is going into the sun, taking a deep breath, and soak up the energy. I’ll do this with my citrine crystal as it’s a warm, energizing stone that dissipates negative energy and brings in good energy to keep going. Saying a beautiful affirmation of confidence and energy is another ritual I love to do, along with burning some sage to clear and raise my vibration.

The Ritual Store
The Ritual Store


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