The Ultimate Guide to Venus

BY Morgan Garza

enus, oh Venus. What a glorious goddess and planet that can teach us so much about ourselves, the pleasures in life, how to appreciate beauty and live in opulence, and the way we think about money.

Venus 101

Day of the week: Friday
Duality: Feminine
Zodiac signs: Taurus and Libra
Colors: Green and white
Crystal: Rose Quartz
Element: Earth
Season: Spring
Let’s dive into more about this glorious goddess and planet and learn how to work with her energy to magnetize love, money, and pleasure.

Venus the Goddess

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Venus the Goddess

Venus is the Roman goddess of love and fertility, as well as death and destruction. She rules heaven, earth, and the underworld—the life giver and the death bringer.

The sensual and sexual energy of Venus drips off of her like sweet honey and attracts suitors for miles. She is the embodiment of pleasure, including opulent fabrics, gourmet foods, lovers, consensual sex, splendid jewels, and anything that brings pleasure to life. Venus gives everyone a permission slip to enjoy life’s beauty and potential.

Invoking Venus

Working with Venus goddess energy can bring great power to your spells, rituals, meditation, intentions, bank account, and, yes, love life. You can invoke Venus by tapping into her eternal energy and inviting her into your life to assist you from intention to creation.

Venus is associated with Friday—every planet has a day and god/goddess associated with it from ancient Greek and Roman times—and who doesn’t love Fridays? You can of course invoke Venus on any day of the week, but Friday will be especially powerful. You can also work with Venusian tides to empower your spells and invocations.

Here are some witchy ways you can invoke the energy of the goddess Venus:

  • Cast a circle and invite Venus to work with you
  • Create a Venus altar with rose quartz, roses, milk, honey, roses, and a candle
  • Take a ritual bath and include ingredients that make you feel sensual and sexy
  • Wear something that makes you feel fierce and fab—Venus love to see you strut

We all have feminine energy within us and invoking Venus into our magical workings can conjure that femininity within us as well—no matter how you identify.

If you want to learn more about casting circles and witchcraft, check out our Witchcraft 101 digital course series with resident witch Amy Solara.

Venus and Astrology

Venus and Astrology

Venus is known as the morning star and the evening star. She is the brightest planet in the sky and can be seen right next to the moon at dawn when she is direct. When she is retrograde, she is not visible for a period of time, and then re-emerges as an evening star—physically demonstrating the goddess of heaven and the underworld in ancient myth.

Astrologically, Venus rules love and money and is the ruling planet of both Taurus and Libra. Even if you aren’t one of these zodiac signs, you still have Venus in your chart and that is your insight into how you identify with relationships, money, what types of gift you give, and what gives you pleasure in your life.

When looking at your astrological chart, the sign that Venus is in is indicative of how you give and receive romantic love. All relationships are spiritual assignments, and it is said that we enter heaven “two by two”—to be sure, Venus is THE ONE when it comes to transforming ourselves through our connections to others.

Venus has a different expression in each sign and when you begin to understand that energy, you will more easily understand your actions and reactions in a romantic relationship. This can also offer some insight into a deeper sense of astrological compatibility in relationships, much more than looking and sun and moon signs. Where the moon sign is your emotions, venus is how you love.

The path of Venus in our solar system creates the shape for a 5-petal flower. How gorgeous is that?

Venus placements in the zodiac

Venus in Aries: Flirty, upfront, daring, adventurous, direct, aggressive, love the chase
Venus in Taurus: Dependable, sensual, hands on, generous, possessive, comfortable
Venus in Gemini: Witty, fun-loving, freedom-seeking, stimulating, conversation, fickle
Venus in Cancer: Committed, predictable, comfort, security, sentimental, snuggs, dependable
Venus in Leo: Loyal, boastful, attention-seeking, warm-hearted, experienced, expressive
Venus in Virgo: Dedicated, thoughtful, sensitive, insecure, critical, caring, helpful, giving
Venus in Libra: Gentle, romantic, fair, idealistic, communicative, docile, kind, flirtatious
Venus in Scorpio: Intense, sensual, passionate, emotional, committed, sexual, possessive
Venus in Sagittarius: Roamer, seeker, lighthearted, serious, flirtatious, fun-loving, adventurous
Venus in Capricorn: Goal-oriented, witty, savvy, shy, security, marriage, committed, practical
Venus in Aquarius: Open-minded, liberal, freedom-seeking, original, non-committal, delightful
Venus in Pisces: Soft-hearted, sensitive, playful, moody, unconditional, intriguing, accepting

Venus loves you!

Venus has a beautiful energy that plays a massive role in your life. And when understood, invoked, and appreciated will treat you with the love and sensuality of the goddess herself—and who doesn’t want that?!

Join us in The Cosmic Collective as we dive even deeper into working with the energy of Venus with Miz Chartreuse of The Venus Academy this May.

Morgan Garza

Morgan Garza

Morgan is a free spirit, traveler of inner and outer worlds, and co-founder of Spirit Guides Magazine. Her background is in holistic health and wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy healing, and all things mystical. She feels deeply, thinks expansively, and writes to make you feel something, question everything, and make you smile.

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