Uranus in Taurus

An Invitation to Awaken Activism for Mother Earth

BY Rebecca M. Farrar



strologically, this is perhaps the most important week of the year as Uranus moves into Taurus, an event some astrologers have lovingly called “Tauranus.” After a seven-year whirlwind in Aries—the planetary force of revolution, technology, and awakening—Uranus shifts signs on May 15. Occurring shortly after the Taurus new moon, this day marks a major shift in consciousness as well as offers an extra fertile time for new beginnings.

While Uranus reaches towards the sky, Taurus roots towards Earthly endeavors. Together this new combination beckons us into an Earthly evolution and asks important questions about what is next and possible for our planet. Taurus concerns us with our connection to Earth, the pleasures in life, as well as creature comforts. This next seven-year cycle could majorly disrupt our ideas of stability, particularly with shifting money, food sources, or weather patterns.

So far, this large planetary move has already revealed itself in new and revolutionary currencies (I’m looking at you crypto) and even the launching of technology able to produce a massive ocean clean-up.

Major concerns for Tauranus (I think it is growing on me) 2018-2026 will hopefully surround the ways we have mistreated Earth. Will we awaken into an Earth consciousness or instead continue to dominate and pillage our planet? My personal hope is that this transition will evoke an Earth consciousness awakening, ground cosmic wisdom, and bring about breakthroughs in how we creatively care for our planet during Tauranus.

However, the last seven-year cycle with Uranus in Taurus occurred between 1935-1942 and was certainly not such a pleasant time. It included significant world events such as the beginning of WW II and the Great Depression. Another notable happening was the abdication of King Edward VIII of England who was forced out of the throne for his relationship with a commoner.

Even though the past hasn’t exactly shown us that Uranus in Taurus works well, I am a Taurus Sun opposite Uranus and remain optimistic. While my Taurus-ness often shys away from predictive astrology, Uranus’ future-oriented perspective has me thinking. I don’t think we will duplicate the last Tauranus in intensity, though it is possible there will yet again be a change in British monarch (the wedding of Meghan Markle and Harry happens a few days after Tauranus), huge financial shifts, and even possible World War if the USA doesn’t move out of our often Mars/Aries orientation.

Below are some major areas of life and society to pay attention to during the change-maker’s move into Taurus, particularly in terms of new technologies or activism concerns:

  • ⚬ Earth — Sudden shifts or changes in environment such as earthquakes or extreme weather, and even more collective focus on how to work with our planet
  • ⚬ Finances — Movement towards practicality in finances or new economic systems, such as sharing economy or alternative currencies
  • ⚬ Relationships — Disrupting how we think about relationships and intimacy, whether it be moving away from more goal-oriented sex (how Mars-like) or more acknowledgment that hetero-normative paradigm isn’t necessarily “normal”
  • ⚬ Food — Focusing on the future of food and eating, such as innovative farming practices or creative solutions to food production to feed the growing Earth population

Mythologically, Taurus, ruled by Venus, and Uranus are intimately connected. Gaia, as the Earth Mother, gave birth to Uranus, from Greek Ouranos meaning “heaven, the sky,” and also became his wife. (Oh you know, just more of the weird wounded Western consciousness sex stuff.) In the myth, Uranus imprisoned his own children and it wasn’t clear if the relationship between them was consensual. Gaia, rightfully angry, ordered him to be castrated and his testicles became Aphrodite, or Venus in Roman myth, the ruler of Taurus.

It seems since ancient times the Greeks were suspicious of how the Earth and Heaven related. Uranus moving into Taurus gives us an opportunity to reinvent the myth and perhaps even birth an electrifying love affair with Earth—and we’d be wise to take that opportunity seriously, because love is exactly what this Earth now needs.

Rebecca M. Farrar

Rebecca M. Farrar

Rebecca M. Farrar, M.A., aka Wild Witch of the West, is an astrologer and lover living in San Francisco, CA. Before studying archetypal astrology more than eight years ago, she was a huge skeptic of astrology. Her down-to-Earth astrology readings utilize her graduate studies on evolution of consciousness and psychology and focus on the asteroids, feminine archetypes, relationships, and life purpose. In 2013, she completed her M.A. at the California Institute of Integral Studies in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness (PCC) program. Pre-astro geek and coming out of the “broom” closet, she worked for more than a decade in PR and marketing and had brief forays as TV reporter, speed dating hostess, spokesmodel, yoga instructor, and world traveler. When not staring at astrology transits, she can be found wandering Ocean Beach, which she acknowledges is sacred Ohlone land, curled up with a good book, or “force” cuddling her kitty Freyja.

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