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he higher the vibe the better the life!

Sandra Thelusmond, yogi and founder of Vibrate Higher, has made it her mission to awaken the masses and raise the vibration of humanity in order to help initiate a more conscious way of life based in love and respect (and looking fly, of course!).

With the political climate in a seemingly perpetual shitstorm, Vibrate Higher is working hard to bring hope, optimism, unity, and a little humor into our lives.

“The Revolution is Female” is one of the mantra-based clothing brand’s most popular tees—evidence that the wild woman has awoken within many of us and is ready to be seen.

Thelusmond’s sharp wit and passion for fashion, yoga, and being in service birthed a conscious, unisex clothing brand made in the United States, that not only helps baes #staywoke, but also donates at least 15 percent of the profit to charity.

Spirit Guides chatted with Thelusmond to learn more about the fire behind the wild, nasty woman and her high-vibe brand.

Vibrate Higher

When and how did Vibrate Higher come into existence?
Vibrate Higher came into existence accidently. I was cleaning my childhood room and found a business plan that my 16-year-old self wrote for a fashion line called “Peace Love Fashion” that focused on benefitting the victims of Darfur. When the conflict in Darfur was at its peak in the early 2000s, I became impassioned to help.

It was also my first real world experience into the general indifference toward atrocities happening in other parts of the world. I wanted to do something to help change that.

In high school I would organize various fundraisers to raise money for the causes I believed in. When I found that business plan in March of 2016, a spark was reignited within me. Finding my plan and recalling all my fundraising efforts I realized, “Why not me?”.

I decided to make the dreams of my 16-year-old self come true by starting a mantra-based clothing lined promoting values of mindful and conscious living. I believe that we can make the world a better place by being a voice for the voiceless and making an impact with our actions.

Keeping in line with my efforts to giveback, 15-100 percent of the proceeds of each sale of every item from Vibrate Higher directly benefits one of six charity categories including the wellbeing of women everywhere, minority rights, and the environment to name a few.

How has our current political atmosphere inspired the designs of the tanks?
Beyond just the political atmosphere, today’s social atmosphere has also helped to inspire some of my designs with simple messages or reminders to “be a nice human” or to keep calm and remain “mentally at yoga.”

My favorite design is “The Revolution is Female.” It’s been amazing to see the response of women joining together since our election—being more vocal in our political system and supporting one another.

Another of my favorites is “Reckless Optimist.” It’s harder than ever to remain positive in spite of the hardships that we face, but we must. We must practice reckless optimism, continue to be kind, and continue to see miracles in everyday situations in order to restore and maintain our faith and hope.

Who/what are your spirit guides?
My spirit guides are who I refer to as my guiding council or executive committee. They guide me through life and help me find answers to questions I seek. In my opinion nothing is a “coincidence” but rather divine intervention and my spirit guides working together to make it happen.

I believe my grandmother Dee, who passed away, is always watching over me and guiding me. I also feel and believe that I have other spirit guides guiding me towards the right path in life.

The more contemplative I am, and as I try to connect more with my spirit guides, the more synchronicities I experience. It’s truly amazing!

Where have you traveled to that has left a lasting impression on your soul?

Last year I took a trip to Bali by myself. Bali is a magical place which will always have a special place in my heart. The trip was significant for me because it pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I discovered that magic happened in this comfortably uncomfortable space and a whole new world opened for me.

Exploring such a beautiful island on my own expanded my mind and dreams in ways I never thought possible. I also met some amazing women on that trip, some of whom I still keep in touch with today.

How do you think vibrating higher in the energy of the Divine Feminine can make changes in today’s world?
I believe that the root of all evil and suffering done to others is a separation from love, the Divine Feminine. When we are able to return to love and act and speak more kindly to ourselves and to others we can see monumental shifts and progression in society.

For me, the act of vibrating higher is being in true alignment with ourselves and the universe—which also means being in alignment with love and our spiritual source.

The Revolution Is Female
The Revolution Is Female
The Revolution Is Female
Girl Gang
Vibrate Higher


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