The Wild, Wild Western Woman

Ra Ma Kaur’s Journey To Modern Spiritual Leadership Through The Ancient Practice of Kundalini Yoga


n 2009, the Dalai Lama proclaimed that “the world will be changed by the western woman.” Today, we can see his prediction coming true as more and more of us deliberately infuse the divine feminine into all areas of life and rise to become the changemakers of the future. Through conscious action and a deep connection with our innate energy, and practices like yoga and meditation, we are tuning into love and making positive waves of change that can be felt around the world.

Ra Ma Kaur is one of these wild western women. Through kundalini yoga, the transformative and ancient technology that Yogi Bhajan brought from the east to the west, and conversing with spirit from an early age, Ra Ma aligned with her soul’s purpose and created an intentional and super-powered apothecary with elixirs, healing stones, and herbal remedies for the modern mystic.

Spirit Guides shared space with Ra Ma and discovered the beautiful and ethereal path she has walked to get to where she is today—and where that path may be leading in the future. And—heads up—if you’ve ever wanted to go on a soul journey though the ancient and sacred lands of Glastonbury, be sure to read the full piece!

Ra Ma Kaur

How did you begin on your spiritual path and what drew you to kundalini yoga?

As an adolescent I witnessed my mother go through the death of her youngest brother, and her dance with grief deeply impacted me. A year after his death we had a profound experience of his spirit setting off our security alarm. There were so many layers to this event that it was clear his soul was behind it. From that point onward I believed wholeheartedly in other realms.

My mother became immersed in the fields of hypnotherapy, past life regression, herbalism, reiki healing, and polarity therapy. By the time I was a teen I was reading tarot, learning about astrology, working with crystals, purifying my body and soul in sweat lodges, and meditating with adults under the stars to consciously commune with the Pleiades.

My mother introduced me to kundalini yoga at the age of 15. It blew my mind and I loved it; however, we moved a couple of months later from eastern North Carolina to Tampa, Florida, and it wasn’t until my early 20s that I started practicing again. I love how kundalini yoga makes you feel, and it works instantly.

Kundalini is an ancient technology but it has seen a massive resurgence in recent years. Why do you think this is?

As of November 11, 2011, we officially entered the Aquarian Age. Time and space are collapsing and for many it feels nearly impossible to keep up. Kundalini yoga is an ancient practice, however Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini from the east to the west, shared that this technology is for these times.

Back in the 1970s he asked his students how they would cope with the complexities of life with a computer in the palm of their hand. I imagine many of them thought he was crazy. However he was a true visionary—just look at where we are today. Life moves fast and we need a yogic practice that delivers results. It’s truly a blessing to have this technology available to us.

One of my all time favorite teachings from Yogi Bhajan is:

You must understand one thing: I have sacrificed what I could have achieved personally for one game only: to create teachers in the West. My sharing of this yoga is to teach humans the ultimate science of mankind. It is priceless. It is the concentrated essence of thousands of years of humanity. I am here to preserve it in your hearts so that it will be available later on when humanity will need it more badly than you or I can imagine.

Ra Ma Kaur

How does spirit guide you and what modalities do you use to connect?

I am guided by spirit through many layers of intuition and a deep soul knowing. That being said, I have a strong subtle body, so deep soul knowing comes naturally for me. I experience feelings in a very deep way. Also, I feel spirit share confirmation with me by chills in various parts of my body, such as my inner thighs or through my spine. I am drawn to connect to spirit through the elements, through nature, through sound, through light, and through community.

Is there a destination in the world that holds a special place in your heart? If so, why?

Glastonbury, also known by some as Avalon, is my soul’s home. Glastonbury is believed to be the heart chakra of Earth. This is a place of deep power, a home of the Goddess, of seven springs of healing waters, and wrapped within this mists of myth and sacred stories. There are two powerful ley lines that cross in a number of locations in Glastonbury called the Michael and Mary lines.

I first visited this heart opening portal in 2003 and was gifted with an initiation by the land. I have returned a number of times since then and each time it’s another layer in the spiral of time. I am so honored to lead a retreat of women to this land this August in the Leo Eclipse portal. We are truly going on a profound journey, and have a few spaces available in our circle.

Ra Ma Kaur

Your handmade elixirs, flower essences, and nourishing medicinals have so much intention behind them. How have you developed your apothecary and infused your creations with kundalini technology?

My apothecary has developed naturally over time. I began intentionally making my own medicine while I was pregnant. I already had a daily practice of drinking nourishing herbal infusions. Also, in those days my business was called The Conscious Canopy and one of my offerings was creating placenta pills for new mamas. I felt inspired to make my own belly balm, postpartum teas, and tonics in preparation for motherhood.

As my daughter grew, so did my apothecary. I began to craft my own tinctures, flower essences, herbal vinegars, salves, herbal infused oils, electuaries, and syrups. From time to time I’d post photos on Facebook and my friends would comment that they wanted me to sell my medicine.

Although I had always visualized creating an apothecary, the timing wasn’t fully aligned. When I started studying stone medicine I immediately felt called to create an alchemy of stone medicine with herbal medicine.

Naturally my kundalini meditation practice became infused by medicine as mantra, and meditation became a part of my medicine making. My passion for the cycles of the moon and the powerful astronomical tides also guide my craft.

From there the Ra Ma Kaur apothecary was born and has blossomed in an intentional and organic way since the Spring of 2016. Most of the herbs I use are from the soil of my garden and my stones are lovingly cared for and cleansed in the ancient Daoist way.

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