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The Latest in Afterlife Communication with R. Craig Hogan

BY Susanne Wilson


f death is the final frontier, R. Craig Hogan, PhD, is one of the odyssey’s leading pioneers.

Hogan is the author of Your Eternal Self, which presents the scientific evidence that the mind is not confined to the brain, the afterlife is a reality, people’s minds are linked, and the mind affects the physical world. When it comes to communication with the world of spirit, there is no one better qualified than he to say, “Anyone can learn to do this.”

Hogan spoke with me about physical mediumship circles, the latest in electronic voice phenomena (EVP) work, and how we can make our own self-guided connections with our loved ones in spirit.

R. Craig Hogan

R. Craig Hogan is the president of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute

Thanks for taking time to talk with Spirit Guides Magazine. Let’s start at the beginning. What made you become interested in the afterlife, or as some call it, the paranormal?

In 1997, I learned that I have psychic abilities. I was told by a psychic I have psychometry ability. She said for me to hold playing cards face down on my palm to see whether they felt cold (for black) or warm (for red). I did so and made two piles face down, one for warm cards and one for cold cards. I turned the piles over and all the cold pile were black. All but one of the warm pile were red.

Soon afterward, I learned I could sit quietly and see pictures and objects thousands of miles away, using remote viewing. My abilities proved to me that reality is much more than just the world we experience. The mind is not in the brain. That meant the afterlife must be a reality. The mind isn’t in the brain, so when the brain dies, the mind is still alive. After that, I learned more and more about the afterlife and afterlife communication. That led me to where I am today.

Were you the “different one” among your family and friends growing up? Do they share your interests now?

Yes, I was a dreamer. I was very much inside myself. I would sit in school looking out the window, completely uninterested in schoolwork. I had an IQ of 138, but wouldn’t learn what the schools were teaching me. I was more interested in reading books about Freud, alternative realities, and world religions.

As for my family’s understanding of my abilities and interests, a few years ago I felt led to talk to my mother about death. I wanted her to be comfortable and confident in her eternal life, but knew she didn’t have the perspective I have. To show her reality is different from what it seems to be, I did a remote viewing demonstration for her. She had no idea I had psychic ability. I asked her to put an object on the piano in her home 500 miles away from me. I sat quietly, relaxed myself, and sketched what I saw. It was something with blonde strands and little blue and green objects around on it. It came to a dome at the top. I also had the sense she was smoothing something down on the piano. She wrote back that what she had placed there was a ceramic fountain that looked like a dome beehive, with patterns like blonde strands and little blue and green bees on it. She also said she didn’t want to remove everything from the piano, so she put a cloth over the clock that was on the piano and smoothed it down. She was shocked.

I learned from my sister later that my mother was afraid I was involved in working with the devil. So obviously that didn’t work. She passed a few weeks later, unexpectedly. A few months after her passing, I had a reading with Laurie Campbell. Laurie said to me, “Your mother understands now.”

You are the founding president of AREI, Afterlife Research & Education Institute. I’m honored to be on your Board along with Victor and Wendy Zammit and Roberta Grimes. AREI is expecting close to 600 people to attend its symposium September 15-17, 2017 in Scottsdale. What is AREI all about, and how will it change the world?

The five of us formed AREI to ultimately help humankind learn about our true natures as eternal beings having a physical experience. That will lead to love, peace, and joy among all members of humankind. We see wonderful, dedicated people working in afterlife communication research and development. We believe their work will enable people to experience afterlife communication; that would result in humankind’s learning about our true eternal natures. However, these researchers, developers, and educators are working alone, with inadequate or no assistance and resources. So we formed AREI to give these afterlife communication workers the support they need to make real progress. We plan to hold symposiums to network them with each other, identify and secure funding, help with publicity and publications, and in any other way we can, help them in their work.

What are AREI’s goals for the next five years?

We want to establish relationships with the afterlife communication researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners so we can assist them in their work. We will seek funding sources that will fund their work, and we will make funding available for undiscovered, innovative approaches to afterlife communication. We are broadening our scope to include helping workers in end-of-this-life activities and the new spirituality evolving from our understanding of the greater reality and our eternal natures. We want to help establish local groups all around the world who come together for discussions, training, grief support, spiritual growth, and general camaraderie by providing guidelines and support for establishing the groups and the materials so they can be successful immediately.

We know the change in humankind will happen when people come together in these small groups. At the 2018 symposium, we want representatives of all of the groups that have formed to come together to share where they are and where to go next. We will also be sharing the latest developments in afterlife communication. It will be a training and sharing symposium.

Tell us about your physical mediumship development circle and EVP, electronic voice phenomena work. How long have you been meeting and what kinds of results have you been getting with capturing spirit voices on digital recording devices?

Our physical mediumship circle has been meeting for about nine years. In physical mediumship, we sit in a darkened room around a table, singing songs and having a great time, waiting on spirit to make physical things happen in the room: raps, taps, moving objects, voices coming out of the air, bells ringing, materializations, and a variety of other phenomena. In the first seven years, with changes in the circle membership, only minor things happened. Then, we stabilized into a circle of five members two years ago. Very soon, the table begin rocking back and forth in response to our questions. We began to get mental pictures telling us how the circle would progress in the future. As the person describing the image spoke, the table would rock vigorously to let us know the image is correct. They tell us they are changing us at the molecular level. We are being prepared for “colossal” (their word) events to come. We have one physical medium with ectoplasm symptoms, two or three trance mediums, and a talented mental medium who receives the messages from the Masters of Light team working with us in the spirit vibration.

We have also been working with Instrumental Transcommunication (EVP) using a procedure developed by Sonia Rinaldi, the talented Brazilian researcher. She communicates with what is called the “Brazilian Station” in another realm. We began recording voices very quickly, and learned we were communicating with a North American Station that the technicians on the other side started because of AREI’s interest in Illinois. But then the voices weren’t coming through as clearly. We learned that there was interference from negative entities. In the past few months, however, the signal has strengthened.

AREI researcher Sheri Perl is now having readings for parents whose children are on the other side using the method. The voices are very clear. We just learned from Sonia Rinaldi that the Brazilian Station and North American Station have merged, so the signal should be coming through even more strongly.

You teach people how to make their own connections with their loved ones in spirit. How does that work?

I developed a Self-Guided Afterlife Communication training program that is free online. Thousands have now gone through it, with about an 86 percent success rate in connecting with their loved ones in spirit. It has eight stages people must go through in sequence. They first learn how to enter an open, receptive state of mind and allow free unfoldment to flow into their minds, without control or judgment. When they are successful, they have dream stuff come to them. It is disjointed, changes quickly, and is unpredictable, just like a dream. When they learn through the training to relax and allow the free, unconstrained unfoldment to come to them, the afterlife connections begin. The loved one in the afterlife takes over the unfoldment and communicates.

Your participants in the guided afterlife connections have a tremendous success rate. Can you share a couple of success stories?

We have had people communicate daily with their loved ones. They may take walks together on beaches in their inner world. They may hold hands, hug, or kiss. Sometimes the person in spirit takes them flying to other worlds. Most often the experiencer just has a wonderful reunion and talks about what life is like on the other side and family issues.

We have had people connect with their siblings. In one session a woman was surprised to see a man come through who identified himself as her twin who had passed away when the two were born. He had grown up on the other side. Pets come through enthusiastically. There are many validations.

A woman had a session in which she had a good connection with her husband. She then saw a young girl in a cooking apron. She realized it was the deceased daughter of a friend busily cooking. She looked up and said, “I miss my mom.” The experiencer then saw the little girl put jalapeno peppers into rollups, which are dough rolled up, usually with some fruit inside. When this experiencer next saw the deceased girl’s mother, she described seeing the little girl and what she was doing. The mother said, “Yes, we loved to cook together. And she had an apron just like what you describe.” The experiencer then said, “But the strangest thing, it looked like she was making rollups and putting jalapeno peppers in them. I couldn’t make sense of that.” “Oh,” the girl’s mother responded, “We loved to make jalapeno pepper rollups together. That was one of our favorite things.”

Susanne Wilson

Susanne Wilson

Susanne Wilson is a medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach About Spirit Communication. Website:

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