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hen we stumbled upon the soulful and stylish work of Cassie Uhl, founder of Zenned Out, we knew there was something special about this radiant goddess and her shiny mission. “I launched Zenned Out with the mission to create a brand that normalized spirituality in the common marketplace and offered people a space to discuss topics of spirituality freely, without fear of judgment,” Uhl says.

The stunning designs that Uhl produces are deeply rooted in spirituality, occult, and the cosmos with the mission to inspire, empower, and enlighten a generation of mystical babes.

We felt our souls reflected in her jewels and were inclined to get in touch and go a little deeper into what drives her creativity and soulful existence in the Arizona desert.

Zenned Out

When and how did Zenned Out come into existence?

I decided to end my five year career as a public school art teacher in 2012 when my husband and I moved to Arizona. I had already been making and selling jewelry but with all the free time in my schedule I had more time to focus on my jewelry, and Zenned Out was born. I was finally able to devote energy to creating jewelry and a brand that was truly an extension of myself and my beliefs.

In what ways does the Arizona desert inspire your unique and soulful designs?

Living in Arizona has granted me a lot of introspective and healing time. There is so much beauty here and my husband and I escape the city often. Running away to the vortexes of Sedona and the beauty of Page grant real moments of quiet growth that I’m eternally grateful for, and they have no doubt influenced my work. There are also so many amazing healers here; I take advantage of that often. I’m positive their healing energy has influenced Zenned Out as well.

What have you been guided by the most through your spiritual journey?

I’ve always relied heavily on my intuition, but my father and my grandmother both passed away last year and since then they’ve both been strong spiritual presences in my journey. I use my favorite intuitive tools, oracle cards, and a pendulum, to tap into their energy regularly.

Zenned Out

Where is the most spiritual place you’ve traveled to and how did it influence you?

I visited Hawaii for the first time this year. Gaia’s presence is infatuating there. As a busy entrepreneur I’m always on the hunt for ways to be more grounded–whether it be through crystals, aromatherapy, or meditation. Anything to help keep my feet on the ground. The grounding energy I received during my time in Hawaii was unparalleled to anything else I’ve experienced. Now, I recognize that it’s a grounding energy that I can tap into anytime I like, and I use imagery from the trip often during meditations.

What is your go-to ritual when you need to zen out?

My go-to ritual is doing a short centering meditation at my home altar, followed by an oracle card reading for myself. Two of my go-to decks are The Moon Deck and The Goddess Oracle Deck by Hrana Janto and Amy Sophia. Whether I need to relax, receive guidance, or want to feel more connected, this ritual always brings me back to center.

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